Gym-Based Workouts: Not Working Out Anymore!

Gym-Based Workouts: Not Working Out Anymore!

Have you heard of Netscape? Launched in December 1994, it was the first “smart” browser and was at the helm of all internet-related access around the world for over a decade. That was until Internet Explorer gatecrashed the party with superior functionality and dethroned the market leader in 2000.

But Netscape’s advanced features of the nineties mutated into a much stronger force in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in a decade. So even as Netscape breathed its last in 2008, it had given the world enough in both form and substance.

What does that have to do with today’s contactless online fitness and training models? A lot, apparently.

The Rise of Online and Wearable Fitness Technology

If it were not for trains and airplanes, people would still be walking on carts to go to other cities. The domain of fitness and training too has seen the same tectonic shift in these times. People are getting a much better return of their time and money through the online models of working out rather than going to gyms and catching an infection in the process.

The change of divided into three segments: Wearable Fitness Technology, Online Fitness Trainers, and On-Demand Virtual Fitness Services. It is a composite force that is fast turning out to be a decisive factor in the post-pandemic times. We are offering our experts’ analysis into the subject so you could make the most of the changing service landscape.

What is Wearable Technology?

The clout of Wearable Technology is best visible through the rising ecosystem of small electronic devices that are worn on the skin to detect the changes in health vitals on the user’s body. They can analyze and transmit such body signals in an easily readable format for immediate biofeedback to the user.

Mostly preferred by fitness enthusiasts, these smart wearables are powered by sensitive circuits and micro-controllers) that relay a real-time analysis of body vitals like BP, pulse rate, Spo2 levels, etc. These devices are available in the form of smartwatches and activity trackers.

Why you should go with a wearable electronic device?

These fitness devices are often known for their sensitivity and robustness. Professionals wear them all the time because nowadays wearable technology has become synonymous with fashion too. There is no reason for anyone to compromise on looks or cost with regards to features because the rise of technology has been as such over the past few years.

Now you can surely get yourself a premium activity band or a smartwatch that has all the necessary features like measurement of BP, heart rate, pulse rate, Spo2, etc. along with GPS and music controls- without compromising on the looks. MevoFit has a wide range of these waterproof smart wearables that you can explore using this link and this one.

Benefits of wearable fitness devices:

These smart devices don’t just keep the time but do a lot more than that. Here’s how they can change your life for the better:

  • Help you attain fitness goals

  • Track activity, energy, and oxygen levels

  • Monitor heart rate and pulse rate

  • Measure blood pressure and related health vitals

  • Can work as a travel assistant

  • Can be paired as an extension of your smartphone

  • Keep you in sync with social media notifications

  • Come in different colors and designs

These devices can help you get better results with your workout schedules. One such device, MevoFit Thrust is a popular wearable fitness gadget that is considered among some of the best ones in India and offers a wide range of strategic functions.

What is Online Fitness?

Online Fitness refers to an app-based, on-demand, online model of fitness consulting service. One may use it to connect with the professional of one’s choice over the internet through video conferencing using a handheld device. It is completely independent of the user’s time zone and location and works through a safe and secure virtual platform.

This new model of fitness and training services is axially based on real-time and on-demand access to the world’s best fitness professionals and is relayed as secure P2P communication with audio and video conferencing. All you need to get gaming with it is your smartphone and superfast internet connectivity (preferably through Wi-Fi or 4G).

Benefits of Online Fitness:

The traditional model of fitness and training was just as good as Netscape but the rise of ground-breaking technologies in telecommunication and smartphones have surely afforded it a much-belated chance to mutate (or evolve) itself into a far advanced form. We appreciate the change in configuration that it has brought to the world in the following ways:

  • The world’s best trainers

  • Your choice, always

  • Personal attention and customized plan

  • Flexible schedule

  • One-click access

  • Free trials available

  • Available 24x7 through video conferencing or chat

  • The comfort of interacting with an expert from the comfort of your home

  • One-to-one or group-based consultations available

  • No need to make appointments or wait indefinitely

  • Independent of location and time-zone

  • Contactless and safe

  • No need to visit the doctor personally

  • A smart alternative to local health and wellness services

  • Safe, secure, and confidential

  • Numerous consultations and multiple ‘second opinions’ available

  • Cost-effective

Being an always available on-demand service, such virtual fitness training classes or sessions can be accessed without an appointment or waiting times. So you can simply use your smartphone, log in to a Virtual Health and Fitness app, select a trainer of your choice and talk to a professional of your choice.

PS: You should use the user reviews and ratings offered by previous users to make a sound judgment. This feature is available beside every professional’s profile on the Virtual Core platform.

How you can make the best use of fitness devices and online training sessions at your home?

This is the best part. You can avail of a more fulfilling workout and training session every time if you are working out at a place of your choice under the guidance of a world-famous expert, and you are topping it with a personalized attention and custom plan for fitness. (You might want to check out this user’s real-life story to make a better decision).

Not only this, but you are also calibrating and assessing your progress with a wearable fitness device that is keeping a track of your biometric health vitals in real-time as you work. This is paramount of how you can leverage technology to make the best use of time and space through contactless services to stay in top shape, both physically and subconsciously.

And all these benefits to you at a fraction of the cost of your gym’s subscription fees- isn’t that worth the deal any day?