Watch Out: Here's Why Your Fitness Schedule needs Smartwatch!

Fitness is a conscious decision that works at a subconscious level. We all like to get into the zone where we are comfortable with the idea of waking up early and investing our time and energy into a goal more worthy. While it all seems easy for a few days, people do try to add more zing to their new regime and they often end up falling off or just quitting it altogether. This article is about the ones who stick to the odds and can achieve better results using fitness smartwatches.

One of the most popular and justified reasons to get a smartwatch is that it does affect our fitness schedule subconsciously. They keep us informed of all the changes happening in our body vitals in real-time and they also help us make informed decisions about making radically new changes to our lifestyle.

Ancient Japanese philosophy states that one should walk 10000 steps in a day to stay fit and to keep one’s respiratory system in top shape. However, an average person doesn’t even walk half that number in a day. Some of us choose to do aerobics, yoga, or exercises in gyms and they do so under qualified guidance. That’s all very correct, but did you notice that you only get that guidance for only a limited period?

12 Reasons to Get a Smartwatch

There are a ton of reasons that could be thought of right now and we are compiling some of them for you. We would like to remind you that it is not the smartwatch that we are trying to put across but rather its benefits. You can wear one such fitness device on you to see the difference that it can create in your routine workouts right from the word go.

Here are those 12 reasons to get a smartwatch right now:

  • Socially acceptable (it is mighty easy to check your watch than your smartphone)

  • Pairing with a smartphone to get real-time notifications about calls and messages

  • Getting a real-time view of health vitals (like heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.)

  • Alerts about body vitals when they reach a certain level

  • Get alerted for calories intake

  • Notifications about steps walked, distance run or swum, and sleep patterns

  • You can set your daily, weekly, or monthly fitness goals and choose to get notified about them

  • Music and camera controls

  • You can watch videos on your smartwatch (though it looks clumsy)

  • Ease of personalization

  • Can even help you use navigation and GPS facilities from your smartphone

  • You can wear one to make a style statement as well!

With such features and benefits, it sure cooks up for an amazing experience to wear one such cool device on your wrist. As we have mentioned above, you would need to get accustomed to being buzzed by these notifications at regular time intervals. You can reasonably expect your fitness trainer to appreciate you getting so conscious about your daily energy expenditures.

Does a smartwatch need a data plan?

No, it doesn’t. A smartwatch does not need a data plan because it is linked to your smartphone to relay all the information on its screen and it only needs Bluetooth connectivity to get its job done. All you would ever need to get going with the show is a fully-charged battery and that you should wear it on your wrist so it remains in sync with your routine energy expenditures.

Which is the best fitness smartwatch?

That’s quite a difficult one to answer. A part of the reason is that there are no best fitness smartwatches for everyone. There are cost and usage considerations for everyone, and while you could go with some top of the line options like Apple iWatch or FitBit Versa, they won’t suit everyone else’s budget. You can try for some of the more power-packed yet economical, feature-driven yet trendy, and good-quality wearable devices like this one here.

If you are strapped for budget, you can also go for fitness trackers for your gym workouts. You would be able to derive most of the advantages that these smartwatches offer but at a much lower cost, albeit with a few compromises.

Your next workout needs a smartwatch

There are several more reasons to get a smartwatch for yourself, none more important than fitness. It would bring in a more methodical approach to your routine workouts and fitness regimes, and you would benefit from going further per unit time. All wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers help the users to stay in control of their health without relying on anything else, and it’s time you go ahead with one such device.