You, MevoFit's Fitness Wearables, and
MevoLife’s Online Experts

You, MevoFit's Fitness Wearables, and MevoLife’s Online Experts

Wearable Technology is one of the fastest-growing markets around the world since 2016. With a YoY growth rate of over 15%, it is estimated to reach USD 17 billion in 2021 with a user penetration rate of over 5%. You can also verify this result from the fact that the number of fitness devices has more than doubled from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019- and the race seems to have just begun.

Wearable devices have perforated so many traditional market sectors like fitness and healthcare, and the experts there are more than wowed with the exponential graph. This increase in usage has significantly brought down the cost and time factors required for simple measurements like blood pressure and pulse rates. It has also helped the experts explore smarter ways to offer better value over time to their clients.

How are wearable devices changing the landscape of health, fitness, and business?

This is a difficult question to answer because its scope would spill over to several other factors as well. These include rising costs of expert care, higher cost of treatments, lack of local infrastructure for health and fitness, ease of access, lesser costs, and so on.

People are becoming more self-aware and conscious of their well-being. With the rise of telehealth, they can now contact some of the world’s best health and fitness experts from their smartphones using the internet and ask for a consultation. This is of tremendous help in those developing countries where the quality of local infrastructure is not responsive enough to absorb the rising strain.

Using wearable technology offers an additional mode of record-keeping for the users. This is of immense benefit when one is consulting an expert via telehealth because he can also provide the results of his health vitals, etc. to help the professional make better decisions.

Special Case: Consulting an Online Fitness Trainer after Wearing a Fitness Smartwatch

Let’s say you are looking forward to losing some weight and melt that extra flab on your belly. It would quite a welcome change to see that kind of change- but you might not go to a gym or fitness studio.

This is just where you can dial up for the services of an online fitness trainer as per your time and budget. You can choose from scores of professionals worldwide on-demand in your budget with zero waiting times. This new system is based on a better mapping of time and availability variables of the user and experts worldwide and can be availed of from any part of the world.

Back to the question, though. You have chosen a fitness expert and have told him of your current body weight, activity, and other health vitals with him in a live session on your smartphone. This would obviously help him have a better notion of your current state and he would thus offer you a more personalized and result-oriented fitness plan. You can further recheck your health vitals in running motions as you continue to carry out his virtual consultation.

Question: Are you a fitness trainer wondering if you should take your services online? Here’s a free resource explaining how and why you should do it today!

The Best Fitness Smartwatch for Android

Wearable fitness devices are an obvious choice for fitness enthusiasts. These devices are also attractive and fashion-focused and come powered with micro-controllers for precise measurements. As one wears them consistently, these sensitive devices start picking up vital variables to provide more accurate real-time biofeedback to the user.

Being a booming market, it is important to choose only the best fitness smartwatches and fitness trackers to have a reliable assessment of one’s physical state. We recommend going ahead with premium smartwatches and best-quality activity bands that are fashionable and designed for both men and women.

The best fitness devices always offer the following features:

  • Smart trackers (for heart rate, distance walked or run, BP monitor, sleep monitor, and related features)

  • Activity tracking

  • Health and fitness tracking

  • Sports tracking

  • Smart functions

  • Smart fitness apps

  • Professional help app

Experts believe that wearing the right quality of gear can help you derive better results out of your workout sessions, and can contribute as a positive motivating factor for the online trainers too.

Go for the best budget smartwatch and fitness trackers

We recommend that you log in to MevoFit to choose from a wide range of premium smartwatches and fitness trackers before you dial up a virtual fitness expert on MevoLife. Going this route would help you cut your time loss and get started with a better experience.

You may choose from the best fitness experts available online there to cater to your goal and back it up with the best budget smartwatch or fitness tracker to stay in the swim.

The world is turning to a smarter model of teleconsultations now. It’s about time you too make a switch from the traditional model to a radically and improved one that offers you far more benefits. We welcome you to dial-up telehealth and wearable technology to jumpstart a new mode of staying fit in 2021+!