Your Clientele, Wearable Tech,
and Virtual Fitness

Your Clientele, Wearable Tech, and Virtual Fitness

Did you know how “dentists” used to remove a broken or infected tooth from a “patient” in Ancient Egypt? They used to tie that hurting tooth with one end of a thread and fastened its other end to a door in the same room. The door was then bolted shut from the outside and someone passing by was asked to come in through the passage by opening it. The result was a removal of the infected tooth in the most painful manner that you can possibly think of.

Thankfully, the world has gone ages past that period and medical science is not a fool’s gold anymore.

We all can count on sophisticated means and modes of treatment for a variety of medical conditions. The results are evident in several pieces of statistics related to physical and mental domains. The latest revelation in the world of medical sciences are Wearable Technology and Virtual Health and Fitness Services. Here’s our article explaining what they mean and why you should be concerned with them.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Think of the times when people flocked to get their blood pressure and pulse rates measured by their local doctors at the slightest inconvenience. The doctor used to check for them using a sphygmomanometer and then let them know the readings.

Fast forward to 2021 and you could simply wear a small fitness tracker (or activity tracker) or a smartwatch to know the status at the flick of your wrist. It’s that simple. You don’t need any doctor or any sphygmomanometer to know more about the real-time status of your body vitals.

Here are the benefits of using wearable technology in healthcare:

  • Accurate, precise, and real-time measurement of health vitals

  • Encourages better health

  • Subconsciously prepares the user to take better decisions to stay healthy

  • Motivates him to go for aerobic exercises or meditation

  • Offers timekeeping functions

  • Can be paired with a smartphone to deliver real-time notifications

  • Tracks sleep patterns

  • Monitors patients in a precarious or vulnerable condition

  • Can alert for unhealthy conditions

Several wearable technology companies in the world offer the latest breakthroughs in telehealth and its allied services. Using such smart devices puts the user on a firm ground to reach up to those new and improved modes of health and fitness for a regular experience as and when he wants.

The New Buzzword: Virtual Healthcare Technology

12 Reasons Why Telehealth Is Becoming So Popular?

If you are a registered healthcare, fitness, lifestyle, or wellness expert, chances are you’d have known about Virtual Health Services. It offers the shortest mean free path for people to connect to the world’s best experts to receive quality consultations on-demand and at a fraction of the cost they’d be paying to their local counterparts. This new mode of availing expert guidance works using the internet and virtual means like smartphones and supported software.

Patients can avail of quality consultations and guidance from their chosen professionals through video conferencing-based live sessions on their smartphones. Availing of online health and fitness services helps them leapfrog their way over substandard medical facilities in their locality, and are of tremendous help in third world countries or in places where the quality of services is doubtful at best.

Here’s what you stand to win by making a transition to the online services:

  • Zero transportation costs and time involved

  • Quality medical consultation from one’s chosen experts

  • Available via video-conferencing-based live video sessions

  • Cost-effective

  • Fast, no need to wait in queues

  • Works in your time zone

  • Available on-demand

  • No paperwork involved

  • Contactless (no chance of catching another infection)

  • No need to divide time between commute and care

  • Option to take multiple opinions at a fraction of the cost

  • Can help a great deal with preventive care

Such online consultation services (or telehealth services) as they are often called are in a different bracket as compared to their traditional counterpart, that is, the one that requires you to go to your local fitness expert to get counseled about what issue you are facing and what exercises you should do.

By opting for a world-class consultation service, you are improving your health and fitness statuses even without knowing. Remember, you can always choose the doctors when you go for online consultation and they would be some of the very best professionals from around the world- and that experience is always guaranteed!

Special Case: Being a Qualified Fitness Expert

If you are a virtual health service provider for fitness, healthcare, wellness, or lifestyle professional, you would find it amazing to add a fitness device (like an activity tracker or a smartwatch) to your prescriptions. Some of your virtual patients or clients may find them a bit expensive but you can surely convince them about their benefits.

For example, let’s say you are a fitness expert. You can offer your services through a secure virtual platform using HIPAA-complaint video conferencing software. You can also create some of your best online workout programs to forward them as additional help to your clients during such conversations. We recommend you put these videos and other such resources in a folder called the ‘best streaming workouts in 2020 or 2021’ for faster access on your smartphone or PC.

Why you should rely on a smartwatch or activity tracker?

This question is meant for experts and “clients” or “patients” alike. Using a good quality smartwatch or activity tracker would help an expert or a healthcare professional understand the status of their client or patient better. The client can offer the current status of their body vitals to help the expert to avail of a better consultation experience online.

Research states that someday wearable fitness devices would become a part of our daily lives. They would become more sophisticated and more accurate than ever, and experts believe that there could be a 40x increase in the quality of offered virtual consultations in the future. This does sound promising.

Remote Monitoring and Automated Communications

The healthcare costs are currently at their highest point ever, even though they are not uniform or standardized around the world. This should be the motivation to use online consultation services and technologies. Going ahead with it would lead us all to a seamless platform that can reduce the dependency of in-person visits and home-based care sessions.

While there could be a time delay in ascertaining the goals perfectly, starting with wearable technology would at least provide us all with a firm base. The more internet-based experiences could be molded through an easier interface for better communication. The onus is on virtual healthcare companies and us to accept the new model of healthcare and lifestyle.

Remember, while we have come a long way from the Egyptian way of taking out an infected tooth, but that’s only half the job done. Healthcare and technology have joined forces to alleviate our sufferings and it’s time we go for such revolutionary practices.