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Health and fitness is one of the most basic human rights and is a definitive indicator of sustainable development. The well being of society depends on healthy ecosystems to support healthy communities. Beyond any doubt, well-functioning ecosystems provide goods and services essential for human health and the health of the earth. Among the essentials, nutrition, food security, clean air, fresh water, medicines, cultural & spiritual values, and economic development rank on top.

MevoFit - shouldering the responsibility
of reducing the plastic waste





MevoFit is joining the team of businesses that are using more recyclable plastic.

We, as a business, can not ignore the public outcry for ending the single-use plastic as plastic & toxic waste has been increasing for years.

Our team has already devised reduction goals, facilitated recycling plans and steered transition to recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging as much as possible.

MevoFit is becoming one of the lifestyle fitness brands to say that we are axing plastic straws in the name of environmentalism.

We are proud to eliminate plastic packing and the use of plastic in production.

We have decided to take this step amid growing global concern about the impact that single-use plastic on the environment.

Using 3 R’s for better environmental health

To limit the carbon footprint and end the plastic toxic waste, MevoFit is now leveraging more recyclable products for the production of brand merchandise. We at MevoFit are invested in the idea of a stylish and sustainable product for promoting fitness at every level. Our team ensures that the user experience stays excellent with minimal to nil environmental impact.

Make The Difference

Not only brand merchandise, but we are also taking a new step in fitness space with a new product, herbal green tea.

MevoFit is committed to making your tomorrow better with more fitness and health.

The idea of reducing environmental waste is rooted in the company’s vision for a Fit Society.

By eliminating the usage of non-recyclable plastic and several in-house campaigns on ‘Degrading environmental health and its adverse effects’, we plan to bring awareness as well as change for a healthy and fit future.

Join hands with us for better tomorrow

We are building a community that is eager about physical fitness and also considers the impact of plastic and carbon emission on the environment. Join hands with us and learn about the latest developments around the globe on reduced usage of plastic and exciting news about the health of the earth.