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Get on-demand online Healthcare sessions from trusted professionals worldwide, anytime and anywhere. MevoLife app offers cost-effective live sessions for Healthcare via audio and/or video conferencing

App-based Live Consulting Sessions for Online Healthcare Services

MevoLife brings you closer to app-based, cost-effective, on-demand Online Healthcare services at your fingertips. Get one-to-one and group-based virtual consultations from some of the best experts across the world, available 24x7, through audio and/or video conferencing

What are MevoLife Online Healthcare services?

MevoLife’s Online Healthcare represents a comprehensive range of on-demand online healthcare consulting services that let you connect with scores of professionals worldwide, wherever and whenever you want. Available through audio and/or video conferencing through its app, this smart endeavor is highly cost-effective and is independent of your time zone and location.

  • Your preferred fitness expert, always
  • Free trials available
  • On-Demand Online Fitness Consulting services through audio or video conferencing
  • Licensed, qualified and emphatic online fitness experts
  • Works on your Android phone or iPhone through an app-based environment
  • No waiting time, no appointments and no medico-legal paperwork
  • Choose from thousands of professionals worldwide
  • Supporting video and audio clips for every consultation
  • Result-oriented, personalized and medically qualified online healthcare services
  • Safe, secure and confidential
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure payment gateways

Our online healthcare services are powered by a singular notion that your care plan should not be an overarching derivative of your current time, location, access to localized healthcare service providers, or money.

This is exactly why we have created an ecosystem of innovative, app-based, on-demand virtual healthcare services to offer you 24x7 availability of the world’s best doctors.

This quality medical guidance is available on your smartphone through the all-new MevoLife app.

You may choose your preferred online healthcare service provider through interactive live sessions, as and when you need some assistance, and rest assured that the advice or consultation shall only come from a medically qualified and experienced professional.

We have also enabled a transparent system of user-generated ratings and reviews to maintain a high degree of professionalism and quality at all times.

Get one-touch access to the world’s best online healthcare professionals
by video conferencing on your smartphone

We are powered by the idea of offering top-class online healthcare consulting, advice, and services to you from some of the world’s leading healthcare providers. This centrally includes an element of on-demand services right at your fingertips and thus saving you overheads on consultation fees and conveyance changes.

We have also gone the distance to ensure that only the best and most qualified doctors and care providers are available on our virtual platform. This is accomplished through proper verification checks related to their academic and medicinal qualifications, their expertise, and their reputation. You may thus rest assured of our services and the experts’ guidance, no matter the time and price bracket of your choice.

We welcome you to avail of on-demand, high-quality, result-centric, and cost-effective healthcare consulting services on our platform for the following domains:

  • Preventive Care
  • Infection Care
  • Disease Care
  • Behavioral Care
  • Skin Care
  • Other Conditions

They are available in your financial brackets and you would only need a valid MevoLife account to access them today, no matter where you are and what you are doing!

On-Demand Virtual Healthcare Consulting Sessions: Benefits

MevoLife’s app-based live sessions are powered by on-demand virtual healthcare consulting services, conducted by some of the world’s most acclaimed healthcare service providers. They are all medically qualified and thorough professionals who would diagnose your issue and offer you a proper resolution for it in real-time with a healing human touch.

You may choose from one or more of Preventive Care, Infection Care, Disease Care, Behavioral Care, Skin Care, and Other Conditions to be attended to. For example, you could use the MevoLife app to consult a Preventive Care specialist from Bangkok, an Infection Care professional from Paris, a Disease Care doctor from Moscow, and so on. The same selection can be further customized as per user reviews and ratings in real time.

This is also very cost-effective because it shall help you save a ton of your time and money without compromising on the quality of the expert advice. Please find some of the salient features and benefits of this virtual healthcare consulting endeavor below:

  • Free trials
  • Consultations available 24x7 through audio or video conferencing
  • The comfort of interacting with an expert from the comfort of your home
  • Numerous consultations and multiple ‘second opinions’ available
  • Cost-effective one-to-one or group-based consultations (virtual live sessions) available
  • A smart alternative to local health and wellness services
  • No need to make appointments or wait indefinitely
  • No need to visit the doctor personally
  • Works anywhere and anytime
  • Safe, secure and confidential

As a smart alternative to your local healthcare services, our online healthcare consulting services also come with free trials. You may also take second opinions from other similarly qualified professionals for each of the above disciplines, and you can always fine-tune your choice as per available user ratings and reviews.

Virtual Healthcare Services Marketplace Model

We are an innovative and smarter marketplace because we offer one-click access to world-class, on-demand online healthcare consulting for Preventive Care, Infection Care, Disease Care, Behavioral Care, Skin Care, and Other Conditions. All this comes at very cost-effective pricing so you do not have to break a bank to avail them.

We have set our sails to offer you the very best of these services virtually so you could even take consultations from qualified professionals worldwide and then seamlessly incorporate their advice in your daily routine. We also offer free trials for our services so you could make up your mind faster.

  • Our fitness experts provide emphatic and top-notch care at cost-effective prices
  • They are available for one-to-one and group-based consultations
  • Their consultation is relayed as live sessions through audio and video presentations
  • We provide a transparent system of user ratings and reviews
  • These online fitness consulting sessions come with free trials
  • We welcome ‘second opinions’, in case you’d want to explore the issue or its resolution
  • You can make payments safely and securely through our online payment gateways

These services are completely driven by your requirement of on-demand virtual healthcare advice for any of your outstanding health and wellness issues. We also offer safe and secure online payment gateways that are optimized for on-the-go mobile payments so you could always have one-click access to everything on our platform, starting from signup to a proper resolution of your health issues!