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MevoFit Drive C100
Bold Fitness Band

MevoFit Bold – Fitness Tracker (BLUE & BLACK)

$ 45

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MEVOFIT BOLD HR - Fitness Tracker Watch for Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts | Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & Big Color Display

MevoFit Bold supports steps tracking, distance tracking, calories burnt tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, date, time, temperature auto sync, sedentary alerts, alarm clock, incoming call, SMS & social notification, and more.

Welcome to MevoFit Bold Fitness Band

Basic Features of MevoFit Bold
MevoFit Bold Fitness Tracker shows all basic details on the band screen:-

1. Steps
2. Heart Rate
3. Calories Burnt
4. Distance
5. Sleep Tracker

MevoFit Bold is More Than a Fitness Band
MevoFit Bold Smartwatch comes with smart features to keep you on the go:-

1. Call, SMS Notifications
2. Social Apps Alerts
3. Alarm Clock
4. Reminders
5. Customizable Clock Faces

Smart Features of MevoFit Bold
MevoFit Bold is a smart watch as well as your personal trainer:-

1. Sedentary Reminders
2. Weather Display
3. Gesture Screen Control
4. 7 Sports Pattern Supported
5. Suitable for Swimming

Other MevoFit Bold Band Features
MevoFit Bold Smart Activity Tracker with all advanced features:-

1. Big OLED Colored Screen
2. Animation Display
3. Smart Light Sensor
4. Easy USB Charge
5. 7-10 Days Battery Life


The Best Fitness Band for Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts

Easy USB Connect

MevoFit Bold comes with easy USB charging. Simply plug the band into a USB port of your computer/laptop and charge for 30-40 mins.


MevoFit Bold Fitness Band shows the current weather status on the band. The current weather is depicted in form of an icon along with the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Sports Mode

7 types of sports to choose from including Running, Cycling, Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Table tennis and Tennis. Further, you can also monitor the run time status of heart rate, steps, distance, calories and activity time for these activities.

Customized Dial

There are 2 types of dials supported in MevoFit Bold. You can choose the display as per your preference and have a new display look every day.

Gesture Control

No need to tap on the screen every time you want to see the display. Simply rotate your wrist and the display will be active and you can easily see the time, steps, calories and more.

Smart Light Sensor

The smartwatch comes with IPS LCD, high contrast and full color range, to bring excellent HD image quality. Also, it is equipped with Smart Light Sensor, owing to which the band can analyze the amount of illumination being provided by ambient light sources, automatically adjusts the screen brightness and bringing the best visual effect.



MevoFit Bold Fitness Tracker Watch is designed specially for swimmers and athletes. It is a waterproof (IP 68) activity tracker which keeps a close track of your Steps, Distance, Running, Calories Burned and Active Minutes. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, Big Color Display & Gesture Control - Large Wireless Waterproof Fitness Tracker Monitor.


MevoFit Bold comes with intuitive Heart Rate Monitor. During workouts, see your heart rate at a glance. After the workout, see the complete summary on the band screen and the report in the app including workout time, heart rate, and calories burnt.




BEST PRICE : ₹ 2,990

MEVOFIT Bold HR - Best Fitness Tracker Watch for Swimming, Athletes & Sports PRO | Activity Tracker Swim | Fitness Band | Rugged Swim Proof | Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & Big Color Display