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MevoFit Slim HR
Fitness Band

MevoFit Slim HR Black- Fitness Band For Women

$ 4999 $ 40 0 off

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Introducing MevoFit Slim HR

Checkout the features of all new MevoFit Slim HR band designed specifically for women. It has everything ranging from all day activity tracker to periods and ovulation tracker.

Welcome to MevoFit Slim HR

Basic Features of MevoFit Slim HR
MevoFit Slim HR Fitness Tracker shows all basic details on the band screen:-

1. Steps
2. Sports Mode
3. Distance
4. Sleep Tracker

MevoFit Slim HR is More Than a Fitness Band
MevoFit Slim HR Smartwatch comes with smart features to keep you on the go:-

1. Call, SMS Notifications
2. Social Apps Alerts
3. Alarm Clock & Reminders
4. Customizable Clock Faces

MevoFit Slim HR - Women Band
First Ever Fitness Tracker to be designed especially for women:-

1. Period Tracker
2. Ovulation Tracker
3. Beauty Tips
4. Smart Reminders

Other MevoFit Slim HR Band Features
MevoFit Slim HR Smart Activity Tracker with all advanced features:-

1. Beautifully Handcrafted Premium Band
2. Weather Display
3. Gesture Screen Control
4. 7-10 Days Battery Life

Why Choose MevoFit Slim HR?


There are tons of Fitness Trackers available in the market, many of them from MevoFit as well. But we had it clear in the back of our mind, that women deserved a much better choice than the regular fitness bands available in the market. And we started working over the concept of what a woman wants, what a woman needs, from a fitness band. We did tons of brain storming, self realizations and tons of private feedback from various women groups from teenagers to married women, from working women to women who were expecting, and from those who were busy in their lives to the ones who were moms. Contrary to the myth of it being impossible to know what a woman really wants, we were able to square down the most important aspects of their need, and though it relates to various stages in their life and profession, it all boiled down to the few but mostly left over aspects of what would be the essentials of a great fitness tracker band for the woman of today.


This fitness band comes with Automatic Sleep Monitor. MevoFit Slim HR is very soft, and light which makes it comfortable to wear during sleeping. It will automatically track your sleeping status and generate a report showing deep and light sleep hours.




BEST PRICE : ₹ 3,090

MEVOFIT Slim HR - Best Fitness Tracker Watch for Women | Light Weight Activity Tracker & Fitness Band | Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor!