Your Gym Bag Says a Lot About You

Your Gym Bag Says a Lot About You

Fitness and personality are two interrelated aspects of human nature. The world is fast homing in on the idea of virtual fitness but still does not diminish the importance of working out in a professional and methodical way. This also includes keeping your personal and gym-specific belongings properly so you could have everything at your disposal once you start your exercises.

Using a good-quality gym bag can be just the thing to get the job done and with a lot of ease. There is a unisexual appeal to the gym bags for men and women, in terms of usability and style statement. Centered on your personality, these bags also reveal what you feel about your exercises.

We can classify the gym professionals into three different classes as follows.

1. The ones who take it as a beauty contest and fill their bag with all types of deodorants and spare t-shirts

2. Those who are crazy about their gadgets like smartphones and Bluetooth headphones and pedometers

3. The ones who prefer a minimalistic setup like a towel, wristbands, and glucose bottles

Most of us would take #3 as the default mode because the preceding two are reserved for the more style-conscious ones. Whatever you decide to carry with you, here are some characteristics that you should aim to find in your next duffle or gym bag.

How to pack a gym bag for workouts?

It would be easier to understand your fitness needs first before you even jump to pack your bags. You should know what your next workout is about and how far are you taking it. In such a scenario, you should ensure that your bag is of good quality and that it can handle adverse weather, especially when you are on the move.

It may or may not contain a compartment for a laptop if you do not intend to take your bag to travel. However, it is advisable to choose a gym backpack with a shoe compartment and a towel pocket for obvious reasons. You can tuck your soiled shoes and wet towels and wristbands in these separate pockets so that they do not interfere with or soil other belongings in your bag.

Here are 14 essentials that you should pack your bags with:

1. Sanitizer and antibacterial soap

2. Workout journal

3. An extra pair of t-shirts and trousers (Active Wear)

4. Earphones (preferably Bluetooth headphones)

5. 1-liter glucose bottle

6. Cleansing wipes

7. Deodorant (an absolute must)

8. Dry shampoo and comb

9. Some high-protein snacks

10. Vitamin C supplements

11. A good-quality Yoga Mat (optional)

12. Mobile phone and its charger or power bank

13. Emergency contact number or your visiting card (affixed on the side)

14. A secondary wallet with some cash in it

These are the ideal set of accessories and belongings that one should aim to pack one’s bag with. These comprise both the standard and style-centric accessories that one should choose to pack one’s bag with.

PS: Another piece of an absolute must accessory is a good-quality fitness tracker. Here’s how to figure out one for you.

A duffle bags with a shoe compartment can help you get the most of your workouts

It is indeed possible to have a seamless experience of traveling and working out, and that of functionality and usability. Offered by MevoFit, the Conquer Bag is a top-quality gym duffle bag that comes with a dedicated shoe compartment so you could take it out for working out and traveling or hiking or camping.

Available in the storage capacities of 15, 25, and 35 liters, these trendy water-resistant bags are made of top-quality matt fabric and they come with durable metal fasteners. You can also expect these bags to have a shoulder strap with extra padding, zipped compartments, a side mesh pocket.

These bags have dedicated pockets for keeping clothes, cellphones, shoes, and other accessories. Some of its variants also have a reserved and ventilated shoe compartment. With so many features and attributes by its side, it makes up for your preferred gym backpack with a shoe compartment this season.

Get started the PRO way!

Your gym bag indeed says a lot about you. Whatever it looks and whatever you pack inside it always has a strong bearing on how seriously you take your workouts. A packed bag with an adequate number of workout-centric belongings would always keep you in good stead with yourself and those near you. Getting started today surely holds the key to it!