Top 5 Gym Bags In India With
A Shoe Compartment

Top 5 Gym Bags In India With A Shoe Compartment

Your gym bag isn’t your grocery or school bag. It is something that defines who you are as a fitness professional and how serious you are about your fitness plans. We have shortlisted five affordable duffel bags with shoe compartments that you can buy today to get started with a bang.

Buying a good-quality gym bag with a few extra features isn’t about being cocky or showy but rather about making your life easy. It is also about making your workouts more effortless, streamlined, and focused by taking your attention off the things that do not matter much.

Benefits of using gym duffel bags

There are several advantages of having a gym bag for your workouts. For one, it can keep your water bottles, soiled clothes and towels, and shoes in one place without making you feel awkward. It can also work as your extension by safeguarding your belongings as they can be locked in.

1. Spacious

2. Easy to roll and pack

3. Available in trendy colors

4. Flexible

5. Made of waterproof fabric

6. Can also be used as a travel or trekking bag

7. Fashionable

8. They lock the bad odor out

9. Easily washable

What can you put in your gym bag?

There are some important and some absolute must items that you should have in your duffle bag. Here is the list:

  • Sanitizer and antibacterial soap

  • Workout journal

  • An extra pair of t-shirts and trousers (Active Wear)

  • Premium quality Bluetooth headphones or earbuds

  • 1-liter glucose bottle

  • Cleansing wipes

  • Deodorant (an absolute must)

  • Dry shampoo and comb

  • Some high-protein snacks

  • Vitamin C supplements

  • A good-quality Yoga Mat (optional)

  • Mobile phone and its charger or power bank

  • ID proofs

  • Emergency contact number or your visiting card (affixed on the side)

  • A secondary wallet with some cash in it

  • A spare set of full-length towel and hand towel

  • A spare set of gym wear (if you want to take a shower)

These are the ideal set of accessories and belongings that one should aim to pack one’s bag with. These comprise both the standard and style-centric accessories that one should choose to pack one’s bag with. We also recommend wearing a premium fitness tracker or smartwatch to measure your progress as a fitness professional on a regular basis.

PS: If you are planning to work out but are not sure about going to the gym or are looking for personalized guidance, we recommend checking with an online fitness trainer for the best results. You can get into a contactless and virtual session from your smartphone, no matter where you are and what time it is!

How to select the best gym bag for yourself?

We have made this list based on some simple parameters. These include the following:

  • The use of good quality material,

  • Durable fasteners,

  • Attractive colors and styling,

  • At least three compartments,

  • Waterproof (or water-resistant) material,

  • Adjustable and detachable straps,

  • Proper size,

  • Ease of portability and usage.

All these attributes are important for consideration.

Top 5 gym bags with shoe compartment

Here are the top 5 gym bags with shoe compartments that we thought would suit your fitness requirements well. These duffle bags are fashionable, affordable, and can carry luggage too besides being your regular gym companion.

5. Urban Tribe Plank 23 Liters Sports Gym Bag with Separate Shoe Compartment (Indigo)

Available in indigo color, the Urban Tribe Plank offers its Sports Gym Bag comes with a separate Shoe Compartment. It features a U-shape main zippered compartment that can be used for packing and it comes bounded by adjustable and detachable anti-slip shoulder straps with padding.

It measures 17.3 inches x 10.6 inches x 7.4 inches and offers a storage capacity of 23 Liters. This makes it an obvious choice for workouts in a gym and also for hiking, camping, and also for sports events. This trendy weekender bag is made of polyester and is ideal for both men and women. Costs INR 1199.

4. Harissons Jake Gym Duffel/ Sports Bag for Men and Women with Shoe Compartment (31 Liters, Black, Grey

Harissons Jake is a Gym Duffel/Sports Bag meant for fitness-savvy men and women. It comes with a dedicated shoe compartment. The best thing about this sporty duffle bag is that can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag or the top handle alternative for easy maneuvering.

The bag is made of high-quality fabric and comes with detachable padded straps. It measures 24 cm x 23 cm x 56 cm and offers 31-liters of storage capacity with enhanced tear and wear resistance. This duffle bag is available in Black-Grey, Navy-Red, Navy-Turquoise, Royal Blue Black colors. Costs INR 1287.

3. Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket (32 Liters, Dark Gray/Black)

Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket is a fitness professional’s best ally. Made of 600D Polyester fabric, this trendy gym duffle bag again comes with a dedicated shoe compartment but in a unique form factor. Also of note is the presence of a padded bottle holder (limited to 3 inches in diameter) and a spacious main compartment with a zippered clamshell form factor.

This bag serves all the purposes of being a luggage, gym, and workout bag without compromising on your fashion or style statement. You can also expect it to ship with a padded hook and loop plus a close handle and shoulder pad. Costs USD 18.99 to USD 26.99, shipping charges extra.

2. MevoFit Body Fuel X

MevoFit (USA) Body Fuel X is a rugged and waterproof gym traveler duffel bag. Available in 15 and 25 liters capacity, it comes with extended straps for durability and prolonged use. This trendy gym duffle bag is suitable for carrying your sports, travel, and fitness accessories.

This duffle bag comes with a dedicated shoe compartment too, and this makes it ideal for all sports and outdoor activities. It is made of waterproof polypropylene fabric with a PVC coating on the exterior and extra padding on the interior. The main cabin space is lined with several breathable multi-layered compartments for a water-resistant experience. It costs INR 2490.

1. MevoFit Conquer Bags

MevoFit Conquer Bags are the stripped-down but equally good versions of the Body Fuel X bags. The former is available in 15, 25, and 35 liters of storage capacities, and this makes the bag suitable for gym, travel, hiking, and swimming. The same is applicable across fitness-savvy men and women of all age groups.

These sporty water-resistant duffle bags can be used as a proper sling, weekender, or traveling bag. It also features a dedicated shoe compartment along with a side mesh pocket and side zipper compartment to keep personal belongings. Costs INR 1390.

Which duffle bag did you choose?

We have put forward five of the most popular and market-favorite gym bags that come with shoe compartments. The above list of duffle bags comes with a lot of fitness-centric options to choose from as you go to your nearest gym and work out the way your trainer wants you to.

These bags are all graded as per several criteria related to quality, durability, trendy and fashion-savviness, compatibility, and ease of usage. We welcome you to take your pick among them and amp up your next workout with a lot of style statements.