Gym Clothing Is As Important
As Your Workouts!

Gym Clothing Is As Important As Your Workouts!

Yes, they are. We are not talking about what you can wear to look trendy and better out there, but we are rather discussing what you should wear when you are exercising. Working out or doing Yoga is a time-and energy-intensive process and if your clothing is not helping you reach your objectives, you are probably making a mistake wearing them. Here’s how and why you should opt for a smarter approach.

Think of this. You are working out in a gym to make your first set of six-pack abs and your trainer is happy with your progress so far. He is seeing you becoming regular and conscious about your goal, and he is also going the extra mile with you. It’s all well but somehow you are feeling too cramped.

Let’s also assume you are wearing a polyester tee or a skin-tight one with a pair of trousers. The gym room is packed with professionals like you who are lifting irons and working out harder. You could decide to press on the gas and ask your trainer to get ahead faster. He refuses and you reluctantly agree. But even with the standard workout plans, you still feel cramped.

Your clothing may hold a cue to it.

What to wear when exercising?

As mentioned above, exercising is a time- and energy-intensive process. It makes sense to understand that one should wear proper clothes for the same to let the skin breathe easily. We recommend you to go for Active Wear made of Dri-Fit fabric because it is stretchable, breathable, and sweat-absorbent.

These attributes help it absorb sweat and higher body temperatures quickly when you are exercising. It would also prevent you from overheating when you are going in for the more strenuous exercises like HIIT and Pilates training. Secondly, this lightweight but sporty material would keep your freedom of movement intact and also help you keep injuries at bay.

Female fitness professionals could also benefit a great deal from finalizing the details of the best workout clothes for heavy sweating. You could wear tanks and t-shirts made of Dri-Fit fabric. You should also ensure that they address your modesty properly at all times.

What to wear to the gym in winter?

This is an interesting one indeed and we would try to take a gender-neutral way. We recommend going ahead with good quality spandex leggings or sweatpants and an optional loose-fitting jacket with a hoodie. One may also choose to tuck in a lightweight cotton t-shirt or thermal innerwear (as the need may be) to counter cold without getting overheated.

Please ensure that what all you are wearing, you should be comfortable and agile in it. It should not restrict your flow of energy or make you feel sweaty or anything less than comfortable.

Nano-Technology and Thermo-Regulated Clothing: Two to Tango

Wearable technology is evolving at a rapid rate and fitness professionals are now in with a lot of smart options. Nano-technology is fast evolving as an automatic and obvious alternative to those looking for a seamless experience of wearing something trendy yet workout-centric.

Specialized fabrics made of Nano-technology are anti-microbial and lightweight. The former is due to an ultra-thin silver film that resists the formation of bacteria and microbes from sweat. This also reduces the malodor and wetness during and after workouts.

Thermo-regulated clothing is also becoming increasingly popular in the colder regions of the world. It is known for insulating body temperatures to that of the surroundings, thus keeping the user warmer. It can be worn just like a full sleeve t-shirt.

Tip: Women fitness professionals may go for tanks that offer a racerback design for better support and usability.

Checklist to decide the correct gym wear

Like most things, going to the gym also consists of making all the right decisions about your health. We recommend you to check for the following aspects of your next workout:

1. Quality of gym wear

2. Sweat-wicking capability

3. Durability

4. Cost

5. Better range of motion

6. Comfort during use

7. Trendy

8. Lightweight and easy to wear

9. Stretchable and flexible

As you zero in on your favorite gym wear, you can expect a wide range of benefits with consistent use. The key is to remember that good-quality active wear would always lead you to a better experience of working out or meditating or even warm-ups. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, chances are you won’t be able to pursue your fitness goals for too long.