What you should carry in your gym bag?

What you should carry in your gym bag?

Heading for the gym? It’s time to take a smarter approach with these workout essentials.

Being a fitness professional is not easy. It requires a ton of dedication, hard work, and persistence to get into and stay in that groove. If you too love going to the gym, we believe that you would have your gym bag to accompany you there. It could be there, tucked in your car or on the back of your bike, waiting for you to refill the water bottle every time you dress up.

It is not fairly uncommon to see gym owners not offering some items that they would have provided free of charge otherwise to you. The list may include showers, towels, glucose, drinking water, but then you can’t always complain.

Our fitness experts have thus advised gym bag essentials that men and women could carry with them to have a better workout experience. We are discussing them next.

Gym bags for men and women

What features should you look for?

This might seem funny but it is your gym bag that is the most important part of your workout. We recommend using high-performance premium gym duffle bags because they have ample space and storage compartments so you could put your belongings in them.

They should be made of high-quality fabric and must have multi-level stitches done with durable polyester threads. They should have premium quality metal fasteners for all the compartments. Last but not least, they should come with padded straps and base supports for an effortless carrying experience.

Some additional useful traits that you could opt for are compress packing, odor-resistant compartments, and stretchable straps. They should also not be too flashy in colors or appearance if they are supposed to be meant for men and women of all age groups.

Did you know? Some of the best quality premium gym duffel bags are made of polypropylene or matt fabric. They may be available in different carrying capacities of 15, 18-, 20-, 25-, and 30-liters.

What to bring to the gym?

It is important to understand why you are working out. Are you doing so to maintain your fitness levels, to beat stress, to reduce some extra weight, to hang out with your friends, or are you doing it just because you have nothing else on your mind?

The reason we asked this question is that all these reasons are equally possible for any individual. One is free to work under any of these reasons (or for those that are not listed above), but what does make a difference is that your dietary plans and exercising durations are changed. You should come prepared in terms of both when you arrive at the fitness studio.

Here’s just what you should pack in your gym duffel bag:

1. Activity tracker or smartwatch

You should wear them to track your health vitals and progress during and after every workout session. These inexpensive electronic fitness devices can precisely measure various parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, steps walked or distance run, sleep patterns, and a lot more.

They can be paired with your Android smartphone or iPhone via Bluetooth to alert you of incoming calls, messages, and social media notifications.

2. Active Wear

What you wear does make a huge difference to your experience, fitness workouts included. All premium quality active wear is made of Dri-Fit fabric, a specialized form of polyester cloth that is designed to be lighter and sweat-wicking so you could work out longer.

They push the sweat from your skin to their outermost layer, thus causing the moisture to evaporate faster. This helps you cool down faster and stay in the strenuous exercises for longer.

3. Bluetooth headphones or earbuds

It is difficult to find someone on whom music has no effect. Working for fitness often requires single-minded focus and stepping in one’s own “zone”, two derivatives that can be easily achieved as one tunes into one’s favorite music.

And what could be better than using music accessories like headphones and earbuds with HD drivers, deep bass, inbuilt mic, long-lasting battery, and premium noise cancellation features?

4. Yoga Mat

This is optional but still recommended. You can get yourself a premium foldable yoga mat made of TPE or cork to work upon in the gym. These mats work as an insulator to keep your positive charges flowing back into the earth and thus help you derive the maximum benefits from your sessions.

You should go for premium quality organic materials- they are ecofriendly, anti-tear, non-slip, sustainable, and washable. You may use them for doing aerobics or yoga.

What else should you carry in a gym bag?

Apart from the above list, you should also an extra pair of pair shoes and socks, a flask or water bottle, an energy bar or a bar of chocolate, a long and a short towel, an antiseptic soap, deodorant or perfume spray, contact lens and remover, mobile phone and charger, gym padlock and keys, membership cards, and last but not least, your ID proof. Be sure not to bring any jewelry or valuable items to the gym!

We would recommend that you still go for a virtual fitness trainer to follow your workout regime from your home. This would help you get pinpointed guidance from some of the world’s best trainers for your specific fitness issues at a time and place of your choice at a fraction of your gym subscription fees.