Working Online and Indoors: A Triangle Completed
By a Premium Yoga Mat

Working Online and Indoors: A Triangle Completed By a Premium Yoga Mat

Fitness is usually the best parameter to define the physical wellness of an individual. With an increased risk of pandemics and lower immunity, people are now switching to work out indoors to stay in shape. This has accelerated the stellar rise of online fitness, a radically innovative way of consulting the world’s best health and fitness professionals from the comfort of one’s home. The best way to follow their advice is to train one’s body through exercises at home using a yoga mat.

The world has long switched, both literally and psychologically, to understand that there is just one defense against prolonging the onset of aging and diseases- by working on one’s fitness in controlled environments. The economics have also turned in the favor of the global fitness market as it is now expected to shoot up from a meager $ 5.5 billion (in 2019) and to $ 49.17 billion (by 2027). This implies a CAGR of over 30% during the aforesaid period alone!

You do not have to be a genius to figure out that the implications of this new change start from something as atomic as home-based workouts and virtual fitness sessions, and may include a bit of help from fitness accessories like yoga mats and active wears. It is not about looking more than acting the part (as it would seem to most people), but they do certainly help in creating a focused experience.

The world is speaking Yoga more than ever!

The Washington Post termed yoga mats as ‘one of the most ubiquitous symbols of yoga's commercialization’ in one of its most popular articles a few years back. The author emphasized that the entire manifestation of human beings was all quite amusing unless they were met with a singular force called meditation. This may go with names like Yoga or Zen or Tai-Chi or anything likewise.

Much against institutionalized religions, this view encompasses the view of looking for spiritual development and stability over materialistic and worldly aspects. The same philosophy has been running the course ever since and people have been buying this notion. This view has only shot up to a stellar prominence in these pandemic times.

Millions of aspirants worldwide are opting for the guidance of yoga trainers to help them be the best. This step is better because it does not ask them for the trouble of visiting a fitness studio or dojo near them. All one needs to get started with it is a yoga mat and a willingness to start, and one may start from one’s home.

Let’s take up the discussion with yoga mats.

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What is a yoga mat?

Yoga mats, in simple terms, are artificially created mats made of chemicals or organic materials. They offer firm support to the user to do fitness exercises or yoga asanas by keeping him planted. These mats also insulate him from the earth’s magnetic qualities and thus help him accumulate more positive charge in his body.

The more energetic forms of yoga (like hasta yoga) do require the presence of the more “sticky” forms of mats for better stability, comfort, ease of usage, grip, and weight.

What are the different types of yoga mats?

There are two different types of yoga mats that one could choose- TPE and Cork.

The former (TPE mats) are more spongy and flexible, and they offer more plush support when worked upon. The latter is made of cork and jute, and are known for better grip on the surface. The flip side with them is that the ones made of PVC include less than toxic chemicals while the ones made of cork are organic but a bit expensive.

What is the best yoga mat?

Per se, there is no best yoga mat because everyone’s fitness needs and aspirations are different. You may be just like home with a TPE mat as you would be with a reversible or a cork mat. Here are some differences among the various lesser-known types of these mats:

  • Vinyl yoga mats: Durable, inexpensive, sticky, non-recyclable, made of chemicals, kind-of ‘use and throw.’

  • All-natural rubber yoga mats: Durable, sticky, provide a good base, sweat-resistant, exceptional cushioning, bio-degradable.

  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) yoga mats: Most popular, very good cushioning and traction, sweat-resistant, lesser durability, ecofriendly, not completely recyclable.

  • Foam yoga mats: Most cost-effective, highly durable, good traction and support, less traction, heavier, transportation is quite a task

  • Cotton or jute yoga mats: Natural, eco-friendly, lesser stickiness and cushioning, meant for the more intensive forms of yoga.

  • Cork yoga mats: Organic, free of chemicals, resistant to bacteria and molds, sweat and odor resistant, expensive, and meant for professionals.

How to clean a yoga mat?

It is not too difficult to clean these mats, no matter what variant you choose to go with. Here’s how you can wash your yoga mats easily at home:

1. Create a soap solution. An ideal way would be to have two drops of diluted dish soap to a cup of water.

2. Too much soap quantity could affect the quality of the mat.

3. Dip a piece of cotton or towel in this solution and use it to rinse the mat.

4. Now wash it with tap water.

5. Hang the mat to dry.

Use its bag to keep it safely

It is always advisable to pack your mat in its bag when you are not using it or when you intend to take it somewhere out. This would keep it free of wear and tear and also from an accumulation of bacteria or molds. You can thus be sure of working on a hygienic and cleaner surface the next time.

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