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Buy Anti-Sweat Workout T-shirts at
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Breathable, Stretchable, & Lightweight
Home and Gym Workout Wear Tshirts

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Gym T-shirts
  • What you wear plays a crucial role in your performance at a gym. You could be working very hard and breaking up a lot of sweat, but what if your activewear does not support your hard work?

  • There’s a lot that goes into the making of a successful health professional and the day starts with proper gym wear. We believe an anti-sweat t-shirt is a good way to get started, and that’s exactly why we have made our fashion-savvy t-shirts to serve more than one purpose diligently.

  • Let’s get started!


Gym T-shirts

Nothing feels better than working out every day. It keeps you physically, psychologically, and mentally fit and the momentum so generated keeps you pushing forward. It thus makes perfect sense to understand just how magnified the results get when you are wearing the right types of active wears during your workouts every day. Hence our premium anti-sweat t-shirts.

Our home and gym workout active wears are centered on our extensive research into the expectations of women between 16 and 55 years of age. These t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are softer, slim-fit-oriented, lightweight, and breathable for the best experience. These premium active wears also come powered by the same level of exceptional craftsmanship that you’d come to expect from our other class-leading fitness products.

Gym T-shirts
Gym T-shirts

These anti-sweat t-shirts would help you be at ease with yourself while you are stretching, jogging, hiking, camping, or working out. Their sweat-wicking fabric absorbs sweat for longer durations of time so you could simply be yourself during all your strenuous pursuits. These trendy active wears are available in four exciting colors and you can pair them up with your favorite yoga pants or running tights to mark style statement emphatically.


Gym T-shirts

Please find the list of its attractive features below:

  • Made of 100% cotton

  • Anti-sweat

  • Slim-fit stitching for better shape

  • Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and stretchable

  • Pair perfectly with yoga pants and running tights

  • Fashion-wear and Active-wear; can double up as Sportswear too

  • Suited for 16-55 years of women, fits as per feminine silhouette

  • Available in four colors- green, blue, white and burgundy

  • Different styling and designing on all colored t-shirts


We respect exercising as a strenuous and time-intensive endeavor and believe that one should make oneself feel comfortable during the process. The best way to do so runs through genuine workout wears that provide a sweat-free experience. At MevoFit, it is our constant endeavor to offer you an experience that is geared towards making your hard work count in the best way possible.


Slim-fit stitching for better shape

We have gone the distance to make these high-quality fitness apparel with a unique flatlock stitch. It is a unique type of stitching that’s mostly found in premium home and gym workout t-shirts, and it is based on single-layer stitching. This practice prevents friction by minimizing seam rubs against your skin to offer you a rash-free experience.


Healthy, sporty and fashion-forward

If you thought these home and gym workout tshirts were meant to work out and hike alone, you’re grossly mistaken. These t-shirts are trendy, healthy, sporty, and fashion-oriented and you may thus wear them for most indoor and outdoor activities any day. Their superb designing and fitting will sit just as easy with your yoga pants as it would with your denim wear too. They double up as attractive sportswear for women too.

Affordable t-shirts

Affordable t-shirts meant for 16-55 years old women

MevoFit has offered its stellar range of home and gym workout t-shirts at affordable prices. It checks all the boxes above and offers you a position of advantage even before you have begun. Meant for women between 16 to 55 years of age, these breathable and lightweight active wears are geared to provide a better and more positive workout experience every single time.


Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and stretchable

These super-soft and lightweight gym Tshirts are extremely breathable and stretchable, and they are suitable for yoga as much as they are suited for camping, hiking, and traveling. You may also wear them with all types of jeans, pants, and shorts every day.

The best thing about them is that they resist sweat and can be worn for longer workout sessions too. An ideal way to use them is to pair them with MevoFit’s anti-sweat leggings for your regular workout sessions.

exciting colors

Four exciting colors to choose from

Placed in affordable price brackets, these genuine anti-sweat t-shirts are available in four trendy colors. You can choose from White, Green, Blue, and Burgundy to amp-up your style quotient. The best thing would be to buy all four of them because they offer vastly different styling quotients too. We suggest you refer to the adjacent images for more details.

In case you’d be looking for some exciting discounts to buy these sports wears online, we have you covered for that too. Please follow this page to know more about the deals and discounts that we offer on the MevoFit online store to help you get the best price. Please also note that most of the orders we process qualify for free shipping and you could be the one with the next!


Gym T-shirts





ColorBlue, Burgundy, White

Gym T-shirts


S, M, L, XL



100% Cotton



Screen print

Regular Fit

Fit Type

Regular Fit


These anti-sweat t-shirts are available in S, M, L, and XL sizes. We suggest you consider buying one size larger than your normal size for optimal fit.

These home and gym workout t-shirts are sewn keeping a feminine silhouette in mind. That’s why they are best suited for women of 16 to 35 years of age. They are not meant for men.

No, we have made this anti-sweat sportswear in a way that it responds to modern fashion standards. You may wear it while traveling, hiking, outdoor camping, and just about anytime you’d feel like. It is meant for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Working out is a time-intensive process that requires a lot of effort and dedication. It is important to wear gym-specific clothes so the skin can breathe freely and comfortably. That’s exactly why you should choose these genuine and premium active wears that are made of pure cotton for maximum benefit.

Yes, at all times. Cotton is known for its absorbent properties and the better its quality is, the more pronounced its anti-sweat properties are. Being lightweight and skin-friendly, it also helps in maintaining proper air circulation.

No. MevoFit’s active wears are made of premium cotton fabric. This sweat-wicking t-shirt won’t shrink even after several machine or hand washes.


All MevoFit products come with a standard one-year warranty against any manufacturing
defects. For details on our warranty and exchange policies, please follow the links below:


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