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MevoFit Body Fuel X

MevoFit Body Fuel X

MevoFit (USA) Body Fuel X Waterproof Black -Gym Traveller Duffel Bag Sports Outdoor for Men and Women with Pockets for Mobile and Accessories

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MevoFit Conquer Bags

MevoFit Conquer Bags

Conquer TRAVEL & GYM Bag is made up of top layer quality matty fabric, with high quality metal fasteners. Top quality zippers are used for closures to ensure your security.

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  • Your Gym Duffle Bag is one of the simplest and most eloquent signatures of your workouts. As a must-have accessory for all fitness professionals, it packs in a complete range of accessories that you need during your workouts. These may include a few extra clothes, a towel, a bottle of protein shake, and possibly your cellphone and/or a music player at the very least. Fitness-minded professionals rely on these accessories and a heavy-duty bag in which they can carry them.
  • Mevofit has powered on the chase with its high-quality space and travel duffle bags. Its wide range of elegant, spacious, and genuine gym duffle bags is right at home with these specifications. They perfectly support the prevalent fashion and trend quotients to deliver Advantage YOU!
  • We suggest you check out MevoFit’s highly awaited and latest (2019-2020) collection of lines of Gym Duffle Bags. They are more than perfect for your daily style and fitness pursuits, and we are presenting two of the bestselling ones below:

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We exclusively cater to fitness-minded men and women, and teenage boys and girls to help them be the fittest version of themselves. We take pride in our wide product range that is a stellar mix of high-grade technology and an unbeatable value proposition.

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Top-quality Sports and Travel Duffle Bags for
Men and Women at Best Prices Online

Made of top-notch fabric and stitched with high-quality polyester threads, these duffle bags are washable and serve purposes more than one. They can be easily used to pack necessary belongings for workouts, swimming, outdoor sports, travel, etc. Named *Body Fuel X and Conquer,* these bags are made of high-quality fabric and are held together with multi-level stitches of high-quality polyester threads. They also come with metal fasteners and padded straps and even base supports in select models for a better experience.

These genuine, washable gym duffle bags are an excellent blend of style and functionality, and offer several top of the line features like compress packing, odor-resistant compartments for shoes and wet clothes, multi-layer polyester stitching, and extra-stretchable straps. They all come to the party when you pack them for your workouts or your weekend adventure trips.

These space and travel bags are meant for men and women of all age groups and may be used for packing personal belongings for workouts or traveling. Made of high-quality polypropylene or matt fabric, these bags come in varying capacities of 15, 18-, 20-, 25-, and 30-liters as per the variants. This comes to help those who are looking for one bag that fits all sizes and can be used on the go!

Quality is one term that we always identify ourselves with. It is the central feature of all our products, and you would find its
stamp in the fabric, stitching, zippers, and all the aspects of the bag. You can thus always rest assured of high-quality
products on MevoFit Store online.

We suggest you choose the bag that neatly reflects your aspirations to be the better and fitter version of yourself.
To make your task easier, we have two variants called Conquer and Body Fuel X that are
exclusively meant for the fitness professional in you.

  • Made of high-quality material and stitched with durable polyester threads across multi-layer
  • Ample storage segregated across numerous compartments and pockets
  • Odor-resistant compartment for shoes and dirty clothes
  • A trendy ‘sling it on’ bag
  • Allowed in most airlines
  • Trendy colors. Maximum utilities
  • Can be used as a Handle or Messenger bag


We know that gym duffle bags need to be robust and durable, and that’s why we have made some of the best bags in the category for you. These bags pack in a mesh of multi-layer polyester threads to hold the water-resistant fabric (of matt or polypropylene) together. It means that you can pack in your stuff and head straight for your next workout or adventure trip without worrying about the bag coming apart.


MevoFit’s Gym Bags are available in different storage capacities of 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 liters. And you would get this storage in well-segregated and well-guarded compartments and pockets. These may include zipped and meshed compartments so you could put your personal belongings as per your choice.

Odor-resistant compartment for shoes and dirty clothes

You would get a reserved and ventilated shoe compartment in select variants of MevoFit’s Conquer and Body Fuel Bags. This compartment is ideal to keep your wet clothes and soiled shoes and socks, and can lock the foul smell out by a significant margin.

A trendy ‘sling it on’ bag

MevoFit’s Gym Bags pack a complete punch with their unique mix of style and functionality. These bags are available in different storing capacities, and they may be used for traveling, sports, camping, and hiking. It may even work as a casual sling-on accessory if you are biking with friends. With their adjustable shoulder strap and dual handles, they can act as a messenger bag or as a carry-on bag too.

Allowed in most airlines

The Conquer and Body Fuel X series bags are available in dimensions that go well with most airlines. We suggest you consider that their respective dimensions are 49cm X 28cm X 28cm and 50cm X 26cm X 26cm for Body Fuel X (25L) and Conquer series (30L) respectively. The above-mentioned dimensions are for 25 Liter and 30 Liter capacities, and they are allowed in most airlines.

Fill it with all you’d like

This sports and fitness travel duffle bag can hold clothes, towels, fitness accessories, water bottles, soaps, deodorants, cellphones, mp3 players, and chargers, and a lot more. You may also pack in a few water and protein shake bottles in this lightweight and fashionable bag.

Trendy colors. Maximum utilities

You may choose from several vibrant colors like yellow, red, green, orange, and blue colors across different sizes of 20- and 30-liters for Conquer bags. Or you may choose from Black, Grey, and Blue colors across capacities of 15 and 25 liters for Body Fuel X bags. We suggest you take your pick to decide the combination of color and size that goes best with your style and requirement.

MevoFit Gym Bags are essentially high-quality genuine duffle bags with separate pockets. The latter can be best used to safely keep mobiles, wallets, clothes, towels, and other accessories while working out or while traveling or hiking. It thus makes perfect sense to assume that the style statement of these bags neatly matches their utility. We advise you to buy this branded gym and travel bag as per your color and storage preferences, and get going with your next adventure today!


With MevoFit, you would always have an option to be yourself. We have crafted our superior range of genuine products in a way that helps you achieve more per unit time. This includes the scope of our Active Gears, Smart Wearables, Wireless Audio Series, and Fitness Apparels- and we have created them with a lot of thought.

You might be wondering, what’s the importance of sticking to a gym duffle bag when it is just as easy to pack your stuff in just about any bag. So, here’s a fact check: fitness is a full-time job and it requires complete dedication, even when you are not exactly working out.

If you have a bag with all your fitness-related stuff, it would always subconsciously push you to the task. Thinking about just sitting around while your bag is all packed with your fitness apparel, gym towel, shoes, and your iPod- how long could you take it? You would spring up to action without waiting anymore. That’s the power of discipline and it subconsciously comes triggered by all that’s kept in that gym kit bag of yours.

It has a purpose, just as you have one for the moment.

Matches your style

Secondly, these gym duffle bags complement your style too. You are free to take a more elegant approach by choosing Conquer bags or adopt a more ‘rough and tough’ theme by choosing Body Fuel X bags. With MevoFit, you would always have the power to be you!

You can even fly with these bags

These bags are strategically designed to be with you whenever you’d like. As such, we have given them enough storage space in dimensions that are allowed in most airlines. We know it is mighty easy to cram your bags in a personal vehicle or on a bus or train, but airplanes have a different story to tell. They are short on offered space and one usually has to go with the limits.

That’s why MevoFit’s Gym Duffle Bags come in dimensions that are below the ones specified by most airlines as a part of cabin or carry-on luggage. You can thus simply pick your bag and march straight ahead to your seat without worrying about where to keep it!

Quality assurance that’s hard to imitate

Coming to these genuine sports and travel duffle bags, we have offered only top of the notch craftsmanship that’s geared for fitness-savvy Men and Women alike. There is a lot of thought that goes into the making of these bags and we have made sure that they serve their purpose at all times.

Let’s take the case of Body Fuel X bags. Made of waterproof polypropylene fabric with a PVC coating on top, these genuine and lightweight gym bags feature multi-layered compartments and a pronounced resistance to water seepage. Then comes its pro-level stitching of polyester threads and interlocked metal zippers that are stitched inside-out to block water seepage.

Our Conquer series bags are powered by another set of user-centric features too.

Value for Money

Then comes the point of choosing substandard and cheaper bags. We would like to inform you that our bags pass through a series of quality checks to help you avail only the best of experience. We have stayed away from the “me too cheapest race” because we provide an unbeatable value for money proposition on all our products. That’s the confidence owning a genuine MevoFit product can offer at the very least, and we suggest you do not compromise with your style statement ever.


MevoFit’s unisex range of fitness products comes powered by a ton of positives and to its center lies the statement of suitability. Our Gym Duffle Bags are suited for fitness-minded men and women of all age groups, and you may also count teenage boys and girls in the same list.

We are making the following recommendations that you can use:

Sports & Travel Duffle Bags for Men & Women

A more elegant-looking fitness bag made of matt fabric stitched with high-quality polyester threads

Sports & Travel Duffle Bags for Men & Women

The ‘rough and tough’ fitness bag made of polypropylene fabric and airtight compartments, held by durable zippers

These two bags reflect your power, activity, fitness, health, sports, and smartness. We believe you should take the extra step ahead to wear your style statement.

We have gone the distance to offer you only the best of what you deserve and we take our assessment in very high regard. A part of the reason is that we have invested a lot of thought into making them and to help you get more of your fitness programs every single time!


  • These washable gym duffle bags are offered under two variants, Conquer and Body Fuel X with varying storage capacities. You can choose from the following color options:

At MevoFit, we always let your ‘Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style’ govern our efforts.

  • Conquer: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, and Orange
  • Body Fuel X: Black, Blue, and Grey


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