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TPE Yoga Mats

TPE Yoga Mats

Anti-Tear Non Slip Sustainable TPE Material|Suitable for Yoga, Meditation, Pilates & Floor Exercises .....

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MevoFit TPE Reversible Yoga Mat for Men & Women | Anti-Tear, Non-Slip, Sustainable Yoga Mat

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Cork Yoga Mats

Cork Yoga Mats

100% Organic Cork & Natural Rubber Mat for Earth and Health - 72" x 24" 5mm Thick, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, for Yoga- Includes Carry Strap & Yoga Bag .....

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  • Simply put, Yoga is all about connecting yourself to your higher self. It is a process by which you balance your energy with that of the universe through an accumulation of positive charges. When a person is doing yoga asanas, he is increasing his positive charge. The more charge a person develops, the better he/she feels after getting up.
  • Yoga Mats are important because they act as an insulator. They help you keep your accumulated charges with yourself so that they do not “flow back” into the Earth and to thus help you emerge a more positive person from the endeavor.
  • Mevofit has gone the distance to help you attain the same results and positivity with its premium and genuine Yoga Mats. Made of eco-friendly materials, these home workout mats are meant for fitness-minded men and women of all age groups.
  • Available in jute TPE and Cork variants, MevoFit’s Home Gym Mats are made of premium quality organic materials so you could get the most of your workouts and yoga asanas. You may thus continue to work on your way to fitness for appreciable durations without the fear of any toxins seeping into your body or the mats slipping or tearing apart by themselves.

We suggest you check out MevoFit’s highly awaited and latest (2019-2020) collection of lines of organic Yoga Mats. They are more than perfect for your daily style and fitness pursuits, and we are presenting two of our bestselling mats below:


We welcome you to explore the fabulous range of our genuine fitness accessories in this section of premium Yoga Mats. These mats are made of high-quality and genuine organic materials to provide you with a high quotient of workability and style.

We suggest you go for 'MevoFit' Branded Premium Yoga Mats for Fitness, whether indoors or outdoors, at the best prices on MevoFit online shop with Genuine MevoFit products. We offer Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery options on your purchase in the cities that qualify for our friendly shipping program in India.

We are fueled by our passion to provide the best in class products that are not a function of the price quoted in the respective categories. That explains our success at providing something top-of-the-notch to everyone we cater, be it for men, women, or teenage boys and girls.

These home and gym mats are made of premium quality material so that you could have the most perfect workout experience at your home. Meant for both men and women of all age groups, these home gym mats are powered by an anti-slip coating to keep you grounded and focused on your task.

We offer these home gym mats in two variants as follows:

1. Anti-Tear, Non-Slip, Sustainable TPE Yoga Mat
2. 100% Organic Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

These mats are made of different constituents and offer a better workout experience every time. We suggest you too make a smarter choice today in favor of your endeavors and take the high road of more comfort, fitness, health without compromising on your style quotient. We have made your task easier by offering you some exciting Online Deals, Big Discounts, Free Shipping on purchase of all genuine MevoFit products on the MevoFit Store.


Feature-packed organic Yoga Mats for men and women of all age groups, available with Best Deals on MevoFit Store!

  • MevoFit Yoga Mats are specially-fabricated organic workout mats that are used to do Yoga, Zen, Aerobics, and Pilates. These mats are powered by anti-skid, anti-slip, and anti-tear properties and may well last you a lifetime if used properly!
  • These mats are offered in jute-based TPE and Cork variants and are available in green, blue, and pink (for TPE variant), and brown color (for Cork variant). You can count on these genuine mats to offer you enough friction and comfort as you decide to go with your first exercise on them. Perfectly crafted for fitness-minded men and women, they offer a stellar combination of quality and features that aren’t related to their respective price brackets.


  • Made of organic and sustainable materials
  • Free of toxic substances
  • Odorless
  • Easy to roll and carry around: Comes with cotton strap and a trendy bag
  • Easy to clean: Can be cleaned with tap water and mild detergents or by vinegar diluted with water
  • Padded with a 0.25-inch layer of Cork or TPE material for better cushioning of elbows and knees
  • Longer, Thicker and Wider than most of their counterparts
  • Anti-tear, anti-skid and anti-slip mats that last a lifetime!


Longer, Thicker, and Wider than most of the mats

We know how difficult it is for taller people to find a mat of their choice, or for those “healthy” people who find their mats stapling themselves to the ground with weight. Our workout mats have enough dimensions for an average 6 feet tall person to work on them for extended durations of time.

Made of organic substance

At MevoFit, it is as easy as choosing from organic jute TPE- or Cork-based Yoga Mats to get started with our first workout today. We have gone to lengths to help you avail only top-quality mats that have been prepared from organic products like jute, cork, and natural rubber. These substances absorb sweat but do not let the malodor disturb your peace of mind.

Grippy rubber surface

It is always crucial for a yoga mat to stick to the base so that the person exercising on it doesn’t get hurt. MevoFit has thus thoughtfully crafted these mats with a mix of strong rubbery grip that lies below to cling to the surface while the upper TPE or Cork layer provides you an additional cushion to work on Yoga or Zen or Aerobics or Pilates.

Zip it and take it!

It is mighty easy to pick it up with its strap and pack it in its sling bag. You may simply take this mat to and fro your meditation room, park, beach, or anywhere else. It is also mighty easy to clean these mats, and all you would need are tap water and mild detergents (or you may also clean it with vinegar and tap water) to get the job done.

Variants and Colors

Available in two variants and select trendy colors, these genuine mats offer an unbeatable combination of quality and craftsmanship at prices that won’t pinch your pocket. We expect you to be the best and fittest version of yourself, and this the least we thought we could have done for you!


You might be wondering why you should go for a proper yoga mat instead of just putting a sheet of cloth or just about any mat on the floor and work your way through. That’s understandable, but you should know that all fitness exercises work best and offer significantly better results with their respective fitness gear only. Yoga Mats or Gym Mats are the simplest forms of accessories you could have for doing Yoga, Zen, or Pilates every day and it should thus be of the best quality.

If it is made of natural and organic substances, it is even better!

  • As explained earlier, Yoga increases your positivity and you should thus take all measures to contain this charge as much as possible. That’s why investing in a premium and genuine Yoga Mat is the best way to emerge a better fitness professional because it acts as an insulator to contain your positive energy inside your body.
  • MevoFit’s Gym Mats compliment your style and their colors and styling blend with your personality, thus eliminating a need for using a common mat. They also become your faithful assistant to help you accumulate maximum benefits from yoga or aerobic exercises.
  • We have invested a lot of thought into the making of these mats, and in fact, all our products. These mats are strategically made for fitness-centric men and women and also teenage boys and girls. We have also placed an extra premium on making them completely free of toxic substances without compromising on their tensile strength and longer life.

Quality is another term we would like to focus on- we are not in the race of disregarding or compromising essential features for lower price tags. We run our products through extensive tests and quality checks so you always get nothing less than the very best. Even our packaging of these products reflects the same philosophy- and that’s because we keep the customer in the center of everything we do.

We also offer exciting deals and discounts on our products at the selected time of the year and you may avail free Home Delivery or Cash On Delivery facilities too. These products are also up for sale on leading eCommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart too.


The range of MevoFit’s genuine Yoga Mats is best suited for fitness-minded Men, Women, and teenage boys and girls. We have offered you a matrix of variants and colors to help you buy the one that you identify with yourself.

These are the recommendations that we make, and rest will depend on you and your preference for the device or the colors:

Variants and Colors

The latest range of MevoFit products (as Yoga Mats) is available in two variants: jute-based TPE and Cork. They come in the following colors respectively:

  • TPE: Blue, Green, and Pink
  • Cork: Brown

At MevoFit, its - Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style._


All MevoFit products a standard warranty of 1 Year against any manufacturing defects.
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