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Buy Genuine, Anti-Tear and Anti-Skid Organic
MevoFit Cork Mats at MevoFit Store

Organic Yoga Mats, suited for all fitness-minded
Men and Women, at best sale prices online.

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  • A MevoFit Cork Workout and Yoga Mat is just what happens when you add some of Mother Nature’s most tangible blessings to your daily workouts and meditations. These are organic mats best suited for all types of home- or gym-based exercises and have pronounced anti-skid and anti-tear properties.

  • All this rides on top of its constituent materials- natural rubber and cork that are obtained from trees without cutting or harming them. You can thus count on a completely PVC- and toxin-free experience every day at affordable prices.

  • These mats come powered by a natural grippy rubber base and a smooth cork top for an anti-skid and anti-slip experience, even during longer workout sessions. They are resistant to molds, bacteria, and other infections as well.



How about going all organic for your workout? No, we are not talking about your diet but rather about our organic Cork Gym Yoga Mats. MevoFit Cork Yoga Mats check all the boxes as offered by our TPE Yoga Mats but additionally offer a more premium and royal feel to your workouts.

These genuine and premium-quality cork yoga mats are made of 100% organic cork and natural rubber and do not contain any latex, silicon, plastics, PVCs, or toxic glues. Its constituent materials eliminate bacteria and germs, and also resist molds and mildew to offer you a safe and secure experience. You would also not find any toxic or offensive odor from their surface, even after long hours of use.



These original and premium eco-friendly yoga mats possess anti-tear, anti-skid, and anti-slip properties because of their high-quality rubber base and cork top. It means you can continue to work your favorite yoga asanas or aerobics on them without putting any second thoughts about them tearing apart or skidding along the floor. These mats are equally suitable for men and women of all age groups, and they may continue to work on their Pilates and exercises as per their needs.

MevoFit Cork Yoga Mats are designed for fitness-savvy men and women of all age groups. These mats come with mirrored alignments too so you could keep both your hands and feet properly aligned. These organic mats are larger, wider, and thicker than most of the prevalent yoga mats- an attribute that helps you get the best of your meditation experience every day. Secondly, they also come with a free strap and a carry bag so you could pack these lightweight mats and take them to your meditation room, beach or park or anywhere you feel like.



MevoFit assigns tremendous importance to the quality of these mats. We have used high-quality manufacturing materials for maximum tensile strength. These genuine organic mats go through a series of quality checks with regards to their usability criteria that make them way different from their counterparts. Even the packaging material reflects the same philosophy because we serve the customer with the same respect as we give to our products.

Mevofit respects your desire to be the best and fittest version of yourself.
Please find the salient aspects of this sustainable home and gym
organic cork yoga mat below:

  • Anti-tear, anti-skid, and anti-slip premium yoga mats

  • Eco-friendly, Made of cork and natural rubber

  • Made of biodegradable and recyclable materials

  • Non-toxic mats

  • Washable and Waterproof

  • Naturally resistant to molds and bacteria

  • Lightweight and Durable

  • Comes with a strap and a carry bag



Environment-friendly, right from the word go!

Staying away from cutting down trees and using recyclable materials hurts everyone, none more than the environment itself. That’s why we do not cut or harm trees to make these workout mats. The cork is harvested from the bark of trees and the rubber is procured naturally. There is no trace of any recyclable rubber or plastics in these mats as well.

Cork is one of the most elementary and natural substances that are found in nature. If wetted with a small amount of water, its natural adhesive properties swing into action for better results. It resists the accumulation of bacteria on the surface and is sweat-absorbent as well.


Anti-skid, Anti-tear and Anti-slip

MevoFit Cork Yoga Mats are powered by a grippy rubber surface that is naturally resistant to skidding, tearing, and slipping. The top surface (made of cork) is stable against heat and sweat, and is naturally antimicrobial and also free of toxins. You can work on this yoga mat for longer durations without feeling a thing and when you’re done, you can simply fold it and pack it in its bag.

Top Quality

Top Quality

MevoFit Cork Yoga Mats weigh a little over 6lbs. It is comparatively thicker (at 0.25 inches) and thus provides a cushion to your knees and elbows. MevoFit products are run through several quality checks with regards to colors, dimensions, alignments, and adhesive properties before they are shipped to the customer. This makes them way more durable and a value-for-money-oriented than other cheap and substandard yoga mats in the market today.

carry bag

Comes with a cotton strap bag and carry bag

MevoFit’s Cork Yoga Mat comes with a cotton strap and a trendy bag to packs itself as a perfect partner to your style quotient. The bag may be used as a sling-on accessory as you head for your room or a nearby park or a beach where you could use the mat to work on your favorite exercises. The entire assembly is unisexual and looks fabulous on men and women alike!


One mat, One experience

At 72”x24”, this mat is comparatively longer, thicker, and wider than most of the contemporary yoga mats in the market. It is suited for men and women, no matter what their age, weight or height is. This genuine mat is perfect for all types of meditations (like Yoga or Zen) or exercises (like aerobics or Pilates).

These organic and durable mats are a natural companion to all your yoga and workout exercises. With their prominent adhesive and bacteria-free attributes, these are just what your body would thank you for after every session. We suggest you buy these genuine organic mats on MevoFit Store to avail exciting deals and discounts, and to get the best prices online!


MevoFit respects your desire to be the fittest version of yourself. Please find the technical specifications
of its 100% Cork and Organic Yoga Mats below:



Natural Brown








Included components

Mat, Yoga Bag and Carry Strap

Material Composition

Material Composition

Cork and Natural Rubber

Anti Slip

Anti Slip


Light Weight

Light Weight













Organic, Anti-skid, Non-slip, Anti-tear, Resistant to bacteria and molds, Free of PVC and other toxins


Suitable for

Yoga, Pilates, Camping, Exercise Classes, Aerobics and Meditation


Yes. These mats are safe because they are made of natural rubber and cork. Both these products are obtained from trees without cutting them or harming them in any way.

You may clean this premium yoga mats by washing it under tap water and using mild detergents like dishwashers. You may also use some white vinegar and dilute it with enough water for washing the mat.

Incredibly better than plastic mats. These cork yoga mats are 100% genuine and are made of natural products like rubber and cork. They do not contain any toxic substances, glues, or plastics.

These premium quality, anti-tear, and anti-skid Yoga Mats are made of natural rubber and cork. They are both obtained from trees without cutting or harming them in any way. Plus, these are 100% ‘Made in India’ yoga mats so you could always rest assured of their quality.

Ideally, these genuine cork mats last more than 2 years. However, you should use them carefully and take all the necessary precautions for handling and packing them.

Do not wear jewelry or pointed objects during your workouts. Pack them away from heat. Do not make creases on them. Wash them gently every week with tap water and mild detergents. Keep them away from pets.

There is one Yoga Mat, one shoulder strap, and one yoga mat bag that comes inside the packing.

Yes, these Cork Yoga Mats are Made in India.

Cork yoga mats are better because they are made of cork and natural rubber. They do not contain toxic elements like lead, cadmium, or dioxins.

Of course not. On the contrary, they rather have strong adhesive qualities because of their rubbery surface. We would advise you to slightly wet the mat’s lower surface for the best results.


All MevoFit products come with a standard one-year warranty against any manufacturing
defects. For details on our warranty and exchange policies, please follow the links below:


Warranty policy


Exchange policy

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