How to Eat Carbs & Lose Weight?

CARBOHYDRATES are like enemies to anyone who wants to lose weight. This is because many of us have been brainwashed into thinking that carbs lead to weight gain! The reality is that – THEY WON’T! Carbs are required by the body for energy and if you deprive your body of this essential nutrient it ultimately results on a gallon of moose tracks — and that certainly won’t help you lose weight.It is a lesser known fact that a diet which is packed with right and healthy kind of carbs is a secret to getting fit and staying slim for life. The use of work RIGHT creates a big differentiating wall as to which carbs you should and which you should avoid. “Right carbs = Resistant Starch”.In order to test this fact, there are various studies conducted in multiple universities which have highlighted that Resistant Starch helps you eat less, burn more calories, feel more energized and less stressed, and lower cholesterol too!A recent study has explicated that slimmest people ate the foods rich in carbs while the chubbiest people avoided them. Along with this, the studies have also come up with the fact that best diet to lose weight shall comprise of at least 64% of carbs! This makes it very clear that allowing your body for carbs is not a bad option but you should be careful in the selection.The major reason behind carbs playing a positive role in weight loss is that they act as a powerful appetite suppressant. Carbs are even more filling than proteins and are digested slowly which ultimately keeps you full for longer durations. This has also been proved by a study conducted in the University of Surrey, which explicated that participants who consumed Resistant Starch in one meal had 10% fewer calories the next day!In the long list of benefits of carbs, another one is that it helps to speed up the metabolism levels. Resistant starch speeds up your metabolism level and act as a natural fat burner as it releases fatty acids that encourage fat burning, especially in your belly.What else – the right type of carbs also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and control diabetes!Some of the rules to follow to maintain the right level of carbsconsumption:1. Eat one product that is rich in resistant starch at every meal.2. Portion size is a must – 1/4th of your plate should consist of good carbs.3. Don’t deprive yourself of anything be it chocolate, pasta, wine, bread or even chips… Moderation is the key to success!Some of the options for right type of carbohydrates:a) Quinoab) Barleyc) Popcornd) Roasted chickpease) Whole-grain rye crisp breadf) Sweet potatoesg) 2% Greek yogurth) Whole grain cereali) Oatmealj) Maple waterk) WatermelonSo, don’t say no to carbs but be careful and select the right type of carbs to boost up the weightloss process!

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