Tempeh is a soybean product originated in Indonesia that is dry in texture and is brownish in color. It is high on nutritional characteristics and also has textural qualities. Tempeh comes in an array of flavors like soy, soy-flax 3 grain and is extremely rich in nutrition like dietary fiber, protein and also vitamins. It is prepared using a simple process – soybean is soaked till it gets tender and then the beans are de-hulled; after it the beans are cooked partially and pressed in a layered cake form. Tempeh is an excellent food product to support in overall digestive health. There are numerous health benefits obtained from tempeh – high in fiber, rich in antibiotics, regulates blood sugar levels and is an ideal for individuals on low sodium diets.

Tofu is another soybean product that basically originated in China. It is made after the beans have been processed with soy milk product. Tofu in simplest form can also be explained as the curd of soy milk, which is pressed in flat patty shaped bricks. Tofu has a wet texture and is smooth, soft and spongy. Not only the soybean product is full of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E and is cholesterol free, but it is extremely low on fat and calories too. Tofu contains soy flavones, which can stimulate human estrogens and can also have either beneficial or harmful effects when consumed in sufficient quantities.

Basic Comparison

Tempeh is brown in color, dry in texture and requires time to absorb the flavors whereas tofu white in color, extremely soft and porous which makes it easy for this product to absorb the flavors.

Nutritional Comparison

Both the products are high in proteins, but tempeh (1/2 cup has 15.4g) contains more of it in comparison to tofu (1/2 cup has 10.1 g). In a half cup of tempeh, there are 160 calories while there are only 97 calories in the same quantity of tofu. Along with this, in half cup of tempeh there is 3.5g fiber and only 0.5g in the same quantity of tofu.

Key points of difference

Some of the major differences between these two products are highlighted as under:-

1. Not only, tempeh is a whole soybean product and offers high amount of fiber, protein and vitamin content but when compared to tofu it can be stated that tempeh is better or healthier choice as it is less processed.

2. Tempeh is a safer choice as the process involved in producing the tofu requires the addition of coagulant that may not be a safe procedure.

3. Tempeh, when compared to tofu, has a higher amount of proteins and the process utilized for producing it is better and healthier than the tofu.

Thus it is clear that both tempeh and tofu are the excellent soybean products, both are healthy and rich sources of protein, but still TEMPEH wins the race and is considered to be a better choice for people looking for healthier choices!

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