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 Have you ever experienced this – had dinner, had dessert but for some reason you are not able to take out the cookies lying in your kitchen out of your mind. Cravings trigger anywhere, anytime and play on your vulnerabilities and sometimes the impulse to have a particular food item is so compelling that you just can’t say no to it. Once you surpass the craving after munching on the things you crave for, you normally tend to feel guilty. This is a never ending circle which leads to delay in weight loss desires. So the next time you have a craving after dinner or just before lunch just follow these simple tips and crush them out on the spot!1. Sip hot tea or coffeeHaving a hot drink is a great and low calorie option to handle sweet cravings. A tasteful cup of coffee will not only relax you but fill you up with liquids. You can simply go for those flavored options which are low in calories like – peach, apple, cinnamon or berry for your sweet fix. Topping your favorite cup of coffee with a little sweetened milk is also a great way to handle midday hunger cues.2. Choose your snacks wiselySometimes you just have to eat it and get indulged to handle the cravings – go for it, but be smart and choose an item, which does not exceed more than 200 calories. The best option to handle sweet cravings includes a protein packed nut bar, Greek yogurt with berries, or a cappuccino. For salty options you can choose from mixed nuts, cottage cheese or sesame crackers.3. Eat a pickleIf you are craving something salty just have some pickle. Yes, we know that this food item is high on sodium, but it is also really low in calories. One or two spears will definitely do the trick, without adding to your waistline. Just grab a bottle of water to flush some of that sodium!4. Halt MethodHalt before you engage yourself in mindless noshing. If you already had something high in calories and want to grab the next thing don’t forget to ask yourself if you are really hungry? It’s time to say no to mindless munching which is more or less out of boredom, tiredness or loneliness. Try to identify if you are actually hungry or you just want to speak to a friend or take a nap.5. Sticky activity list on your pantry doorSince you tend to reach your pantry every now and then it will be the best place to stick the list of things you have to do. This will help in diverging your interest and reducing the chances of mindless eating and also handle unhealthy cravings.You will surely have to make few changes in you diet until you are actually able to find a satiating, sustainable set of patterns that works best. Just in case you slip or overindulge, don’t worry. The key is to think what to do next.Don’t let the guilt overpower you rather use it as a motivator to make better choices in the future!

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