How To Avoid Weight Gain In Long Flights?

 It’s that time of the year again. School’s out or nearly out and for many of us that means jetting off to exotic climes and scenic destinations. When you’re planning a vacation, you probably start by figuring out where you’re going to go, how you’re going to get there, where you’re going to stay, and what you’ll want to do once you get there. But there is something else also you might have to plan to make your travel a happy one – weight gain. If you want to avoid returning from your holiday with loads of dreaded excess baggage that might creep around your middle or derriere, you’ll need to eat and drink reasonably, and that begins from the moment you step on the plane!Here are some useful to do and to avoid tips, which might prove really helpful to take off those calories:WHAT TO DO – TIPS1. Plan aheadPlanning in advance will help you keep off the immediate meal decisions. Have a thorough check at the airport eateries in case you want to eat before you fly, else order a special nutritious meal in the plane that has more veggies and less fat & sugar.2. Eat veggies at every mealStart your meal with an olive oil & lemon juice dressed salad. Crowd your plate with extra veggies and eat them before you start eating anything else. By doing this, you’ll eat low-calorie, nutritious foods, curb your appetite and be less likely to overeat on starches and animal proteins.3. Stay hydratedNo matter where you are, drinking lots of water will keep your body working properly. Everyone knows airplane air is dry. Drinking a liter or two of water before your flight will not only keep you hydrated but will curb your appetite too. Often the body confuses thirst for hunger, leading you to eat unnecessary calories, which will also be avoided with sufficient water intake.4. Safe snacksNo matter what your travel mode is, easy-to-pack foods like protein bars, almonds, seaweed snacks, lentil chips, fruit, string cheese and individual packs of baby carrots always come to your savior. Along with this, in the flight, ask for nuts or fruit instead of pretzels and chips. And choose 1 percent milk as your beverage of choice (other than water). Its perfect combination of protein (8 g), carbohydrates (11 g), and fat (2 g) will fill you up and keep you that way better than nearly any other snack.Other good foods to pack are dates, dried mango, crackers, cherries, carrot, celery sticks, smoked salmon, homemade popcorn, and bean salad.5. Keep movingWhen flights are delayed, use the time to walk around in the terminal rather than letting the restaurants and watering holes beckon. At some large airports, you can easily log a mile or more by walking back and forth along the concourses. Even in the flight, rather than being stuck to your seat just keep strolling a little every two hours for better functioning of your digestive system. It doesn’t matter what you do, just keep moving.WHAT TO AVOID – TIPS1.Avoid zoning out with menusDon’t glaze your eyes over the menu. A double chocolate cheesecake has the same amount of calories when at home and when traveling. It’s time to grip your temptations and apply the same healthy rules you follow at home. Look out for some healthy and simple dishes, prefer green salads!2. Avoid aerated drinks and alcoholsWatch out for empty liquid calories. Avoid chugging sodas, cocktails, and alcoholic drinks else you’ll rack up a bundle of calories. Stick to water, iced tea or lightly sweetened sports beverages instead.3. Miss the complementaryGive the complimentary snacks served with drinks a miss. It’s tempting to overeat starchy bagels, cereal, and waffles and it’s far more easy to eat more than you should, especially when you’re not paying for it. Avoid it, instead be on the lookout for fresh fruit, and maybe some protein in the form of hard-boiled eggs or yogurt.4. Avoid eating large portionsA Small portion is a key to keep your weight loss regime on the right track. If you really want to have a to-die-for dish or dessert that’s packed with calories, share it. Don’t deprive yourself, rather have a few bites, relish it and appreciate it.5.Ignore the sidesIt’s all the extras/side dishes that have the potential to pile on the unnecessary pounds/calories like the mayo dressing of your salad, the cheese and biscuits, the butter with the roll, and the after-dinner chocolate. Avoid them as much as you can.Keep these tips in mind next time you travel to keep loads of excess weight baggage at bay. Bon Voyage!

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