Is Alcohol Making Me Fat?

Excessive drinking isn’t good for you, this is no secret, but recent studies reveal that it may be worse than we originally thought it was – which is why most of us go crazy on the weekends.How alcohol affects your body?When you consume alcohol, it enters your stomach and about 25 percent of it is absorbed into your bloodstream immediately. The remainder of the alcohol continues down your digestive tract and is absorbed into the bloodstream via the small intestine.Once the alcohol reaches your bloodstream, it enters the liver where it is broken down.Alcohol is a stimulant, therefore, you feel relaxed after having your first drink. As you increase your alcohol intake, its effects amplify and you become “drunk.”How it causes weight gain?Alcohol has zero nutritional value and it is rich in calories, so there’s no doubt that it is going to cause weight gain.1. Alcohol is burnt first in your system for fuel. This means that the rest of the calories in your body are not used and will thus, be stored as fat2. Alcohol stimulates the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that stimulates fat storage3. Alcohol dehydrates you, which usually induces the drinker to drink more because he is thirsty. Furthermore, it causes the body to remove exceedingly high amounts of fluid which can be bad for the body4. Alcohol comprises of liquid calories. Liquid calories are easy to consume so a drinker may consume more alcohol than he intended to without even realizing itHow to drink smart?Alcohol, if consumed in moderation, can relax you and make you feel good. This helps in eliminating stress caused by huge workloads, a nagging partner, a failing relationship etc. Stress is a major factor that is directly linked to weight gain and a myriad of health issues. Therefore, if having a glass of wine helps you unwind, then the positive effects of alcohol outweighs its negatives effects – in such a situation.However, never use alcohol to run away from your problems. If you use alcohol to remedy your misery, you may want to consider seeking professional help and reducing alcohol intake.Furthermore, red wine is packed with antioxidants so it’s best to stick to this alcoholic beverage. Note that only one glass of wine is recommended*If you’re the type of person who intends to drink one or two and ends up drinking six, reevaluate your goals and try to abstain from alcohol altogether.*If your goal is to lose weight and gain muscle fast, avoid alcohol as much as possible because it is devoid of nutrients and packed with calories. If you need to lose weight because of a wedding or a competition, it’s best to eliminate it from your diet completely. Alcohol can mess with your sleep patterns and cause hormonal imbalances which can hinder you from reaching your goals on time.*If your goal is to simply feel better and create a healthier lifestyle, ease into drinking less. Start by having a glass of red wine or beer after work (if you drink every day) and couple this with this healthy eating and regular exercising. If this allows your body to progress in the right direction, continue with the routine. If it doesn’t, reduce alcohol consumption even further to one or two glasses of wine per week.

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