The Gluten Free Way

As you all must be aware that gluten-free diets have become a boom lately and hence people who are gluten intolerant have loads of options available which might be a complete replacement to their favorite pasta, pizza's, bread, etc. There are certain foods that are sold in the market labeled gluten free which actually contain no gluten but these snacks are have high amount of fats which might lead to piling up of extra kilos and hence it is good to stay away from the following gluten free yet fattening food items:1. Processed meats2. Candies & chocolates3. Cakes, bread and pasta4. Ice creams5. Chips6. Salad dressings with mayonnaise7. Fruit smoothies8. CookiesRather these items it is advised to switch to everything whole and organic. From these food items, you can prepare extremely delicious dishes that you would never want to go back to gluten. When you consume such items you feel more energetic, fresh and it surely will help you to lose weight too. Some of the examples of these food items are listed as under:1. Brown Rice2. Quinoa3. Oatmeal4. Lentils5. Fresh Fruits6. Fresh Veggies7. BuckwheatHere is the list of few tips that must be kept in mind before actually opting got gluten-free diets:a) Have celiac; consult a doctor firstIt is very important that before going for gluten free eating you go for a proper diagnose to a doctor. If you have bee losing weight off lately, deficit in iron or have a history for celiac then you must consult a doctor before simply giving up gluten and evaluate its impact on your health!b) Avoiding gluten may help you feel betterPeople who have celiac disease need to completely eliminate gluten from their diets as consuming even small amounts triggers symptoms, including belly pain and bloating. However, people who test negative for celiac may also benefit from going gluten-free if they’re experiencing a condition called gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity. While it’s not the same as celiac disease, consuming gluten can cause bothersome side effects in many people, including flu-like feelings, bloating and other gastrointestinal problems, mental fogginess, and fatigue. So, avoiding gluten helps you feel better and healthy.c) Be prepared to be buggedSince gluten-free diets are mostly opted by celebrities, many of your friends and relatives may relate it and bug you for becoming like them with your diet. They might not be able to understand the actual reason behind quitting gluten. So be prepared to face their comments and question which will be mainly around what you're missing or questions implying there's nothing for you to eat.d) Gluten isn’t in every type of grainJust because it's a grain doesn't mean it has gluten. You've got lots of options, including amaranth, millet, buckwheat and quinoa. So just relax and enjoy!e) Outings are still onThere are many options available for restaurant lovers as there are growing number of restaurants that cater specifically to a gluten-free crowd, which means that you are only quitting gluten, not your social life. National Restaurant Association's highlighted on one of its reports that gluten-free food is among the top five food trends for 2014. Some of the top chains offering gluten free are P.F. Chang's, California Pizza Kitchen,  and Dunkin' Donuts.f) Solution to skin problemsPeople who have celiac and ditch gluten have shown that visible improvements in their skin. Along with this, it also helps in curing skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Although the research have not yet proved that whether this is due to gluten specifically, to wheat more generally or to a simple switch away from more processed foods. But anyways you have clear skin and it is all that matters!g) Gluten-free foods can be processed, tooGluten may be hiding in some sneaky places so be smart with your food selection. To your surprise, it may be hiding in veggie burgers, salad dressing, certain supplements or even medications. You'll want to get smart about reading labels before you go in for consumption of any gluten free food too.h) Gluten-free diets can have risksGoing gluten-free involves a bit of a learning curve, and it can be especially difficult at the initial level. Those who do so out of medical necessity must be particularly cautious to avoid symptoms and additional health problems.  Those who move to a gluten-free diet may want to work with their doctor and/or a registered Dietician to identify new sources of these nutrients and ensure they are eating properly.So, just be smart with your options and don't forget to consult a doctor before going gluten free as it might create health problems instead of boosting the weight loss process. Being careful is the key to success with gluten free diets!

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