How to Add More Fiber to your Diet?

Eating a lot of fiber is really important for weight loss. This nutrient is comparatively important than others as it improves digestion, keeps blood sugar levels normal, and helps you stay full. The recommended daily intake of this nutrient is 25-30 grams which is kind of impossible target to achieve except if you binge only on apples and beans. Today we have got some amazing tips which will help you sneak in more fiber in your daily routine. Check them out now -

a) Make spinach your best friend

Spinach is a green vegetable with a mild flavor and is easy to use in anything you eat. 1 cup of spinach has 1 gram of fiber but you can have a lot of it without feeling too filled which gives you enough opportunity to sneak in fiber. Put this veggie into smoothies, salads, sandwiches, soup, egg scrambles and pastas.

b) Opt for oats & nuts

Forget about breadcrumbs and coat your vegetables and chicken in nuts. Simply start including nuts into all your desired foods. This will not only make the dish tasty but also load it with fiber. If you don't like nuts use oats instead which is yet another fiber-packed option.

c) Replace chips with popcorn

Can you believe that 1 cup of corn has about 12 grams of fiber. Also, 1 cup of popcorn has 1 gram fiber with only 32 calories. You would love this snacking option as it is both crunchy and salty while being lower in both calories and saturated fats in comparison to other savory snacks like chips and pretzels.

d) How about you have an avocado for a dessert?

Does it sound weird? Even if it does believe us it surely tastes amazing. Avocado has a creamy, dairy-like texture that makes it the perfect replacement for everything from ice cream to popsicles. Your desserts will not only be tastier but they will be loaded with fiber too as 1/2 of an avocado has 6 grams of fiber in it.

e) Chia seeds are a great source of fiber

These tiny seeds are amazing as they are packed with fiber and are extremely easy to incorporate into just about anything. Add them to your favorite puddings, muffins, pancakes, scones, or blend them into your next smoothie or juice. 1 tbsp of chia seeds has about 10 grams of fiber.

f) Stick with whole grain products.

When it comes to carbs, it is recommended to opt for those coming from whole grains. It is because they are good fats that are high in both proteins and fiber. Whole grain products are tasty and readily available like whole grain breads, pastas, and many more.

g) Beans are a great source of fiber

This is the most expected item on this list. Beans are loaded with fiber, 1 cup of chickpeas has 12g of fiber. Beans can added to your daily nutrition easily in form of salads, soups, gravies or even roasted!

Try these smart ways to sneak in fiber in your routine and get the best results in desired duration.

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