Boredom & Weight Gain!

Do you often find yourself munching on something or the other just because you are bored? Though it is rarely mentioned as a mood or state if mind and is never considered into causes that might be leading to weight gain but, BOREDOM is for sure a major culprit in terms of weight loss barriers. Boredom is not considered pathological nature and no health insurance will consider it under its leaf but for people who struggle to lose weight and keep it off, the easiest cure to handle boredom is – eat, eat and eat food!The tendency to eat when getting bored is inculcated within us from the age we are very young – food to stop us from crying, food to eat while waiting for someone, food while studying, food while preparing a report, etc. Eating to relieve us from boredom is the habit which is inculcated within us from the childhood and goes with us till the old age. Not only this, many elderly people welcome their evening snacks as a break in long hours of boredom without food!Being bored not only results in eating more than the appetite it is also a major excuse for not exercising. The repetitive nature of exercises like walking in the neighborhood, working out with the same equipment, same yoga/dance classes makes them more like a chore which results in boredom.Even though boredom has its own positive beholds as it helps to keep the stress and tensions away yet it is worth noting than a mere switch of your mindset from boredom to serenity can save a you hundreds of extra calories and ultimately boost the weight loss process. Rather than opting for food to kill boredom it is better to replace them with a multitude of non-calorie activities.Some of the things you could do to avoid weight gain from eating out of boredom are:-1. Take a walk2. Drink water3. Don’t eat while watching the idiot box4. Read a book5. Talk to a friend6. Don’t skip meals7. Make friends and be more social8. Avoid high-calorie foods on weekends; rather have a healthy meal & go clubbingAlong with this, exercising with a goal and adopting different patterns of the same exercise is a good way to keep boredom at bay! For example:- run/walk on different routes, increase your speed, change the distance you walk, etc. Finding yourself capable enough to do the physical exercises in a better manner not only cuts empty boredom calories but also replaces it with exhilaration.You can also work on exercise boredom by adding some entertainment into your workout routines. For example:- working out with a buddy, watching a movie, listening to music, etc. Thus, it can be concluded that boredom often gives us the pause to handle the stressful lives and if handled correctly it might actually contribute in weight loss too.

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