7 Eating Habits of Slim People!

Have you ever looked at someone with a svelte figure or rock solid abs and felt a twinge of envy? Do you have that one friend who eats like there's no tomorrow and still doesn't gain an ounce of weight? After spending your entire adult life struggling with your weight, are you left wondering what you're doing wrong? Here are 7 eating habits slim people embrace - the secrets to their staying healthy, feeling fit and looking like a million bucks.

1. They're smart about eating out.

Slim people eat out as an indulgence, not a habit. They choose restaurants that offer healthy options (salads, low-calorie variations). They avoid buffets like anathema (the temptation to sample all the dishes can mean thousands of calories). They choose dishes that are grilled, baked, boiled, or roasted as opposed to pan fried or deep fried. They order a salad to fill up on a healthy starter and share their main dish with a companion. They choose clear soups and cold soups over thick and creamy ones.

2. They choose wisely when it comes to sides and extras.

Reaching for the complimentary bread basket and slathering on some butter means you've consumed a chunk of calories before your meal has even been served. Slim people skip extras like cheese, French fries, and sauces loaded with calories. Instead, they opt for healthier sides like coleslaw or bean salads but go easy on salad dressings which can be packed with calories.

3. When they snack, they snack healthy (think whole grain, low-fat variants).

Fruits are packed with healthy nutrients and are incredibly filling due to their fiber content. Slim people tend to enjoy seasonal fruits as a snack rather than reaching for that bar of chocolate

4. They eat slowly, relishing the food.

Wolfing down your food does not give your body time to send signals to your brain that you are satiated. Slim people pace their meal and allow their brain to register a sense of fullness (usually 20 minutes) so they don't overeat.

5. They exercise portion control.

Eating one slice of pizza isn't nearly as bad as downing a beer and four slices of pizza. Slim people tend to eat small portions, especially when they're indulging in high-calorie foods.

6. They avoid empty calories

(e.g. cola drinks) which contain no nutrients whatsoever and are calorie rich.  Slim people make it a habit to drink water - the elixir of life - it's calorie-free, it's good for your skin, it keeps you hydrated - the benefits are many. If they must drink something besides water for the sake of flavour, they choose low-calorie options like lemon water, buttermilk, or coconut water.

7. They read labels when they go grocery shopping and avoid buying food labeled rich or creamy.

Slim people buy healthy food so they'll eat healthy food. Next time you go grocery shopping, make note of a slim woman's cart - more often than not it will be filled with fruits and vegetables rather than processed or canned foods.

Make these eating habits a lifestyle choice and you are sure to notice a difference. Combine them with exercise and the results will be sensational! It will be others who'll be looking at you with envy.

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