Truth Behind Amino Acids For Weight Loss

No doubt you have been at your local gym or spa and noticed containers of amino acid powders being sold as nutritional supplements to support muscle growth for bodybuilders, athletic performance for sportspeople, or to aid in weight loss for those who are dieting.

You might have wondered whether taking these kind of amino acids supplements is actually helpful and safe and whether they actually do work as a way to lose weight. It has actually been scientifically proven that there is a direct correlation between amino acids and weight loss, but the way they are used is the key to success in using them to assist you in losing weight. So here’s the low-down on amino acids and how to consume them so that they are most effective and so you don’t waste your money when buying them as a nutritional supplement.

There are 22 known amino acids, which are all naturally occurring micronutrients and that are all beneficial for maintaining good health. There are nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced naturally by the body, and which must be consumed through diet. When the body is lacking in these nine amino acids, then it can affect how well the body metabolises fat and maintains muscle mass.

Each amino acid has its own specific function within the body. The amino Epinephrine, for example, sends messages to the brain that helps to reduce the desire to eat. Another, L-Phenykakanine, helps the body to recognize hunger and fullness, and L-Carnitine helps to transfer fat for metabolism in the body rather than storing the fat.

So, it can be seen that if these amino acids are out of balance then it could affect how well the body is able to lose weight or when lacking, can be a cause for weight gain.
Therefore, by maintaining a balanced level of the nine essential amino acids that are obtained through diet, they can help to stop over-eating and boost metabolism and fat loss in the body.

However, before starting to take an amino acid supplement, it is important to talk to a specialist such as a dietician or nutritionist, who can help you to create a diet plan that will make supplementation most effective. For optimum weight loss results, the perfect conditions to process the amino acids properly in the body are required.

These conditions rest largely on the foods they are consumed alongside. This means that when taking an amino acid supplement, that it should be taken in combination with an appropriate eating plan, which also involves taking the supplement at specific times of the day in order to really kick-start weight loss efforts effectively. If not taken correctly, amino acid supplements can be ineffective at best or cause health problems at worst.

Amino acid supplements work best for weight loss when a high protein diet is consumed. The diet should consist of 30% of the calories being obtained from low fat protein sources. It could be tempting to consume high fat animal proteins, which would counteract the positive effects of the amino acids if eaten excessively.

It is also possible to obtain enough amino acids naturally through a diet that is protein rich. This kind of diet aids the body in suppressing appetite, which in turn helps to increase weight loss. The foods to eat enough of to get the nine required amino acids include soy, milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, and seafood, beans, grains and nuts which when consumed in the correct proportion will provide enough of the essential amino acids which the body needs.

If weight loss is a goal, then ensuring enough of these foods are incorporated into the diet is key to ensure effective metabolism of fat required to lose weight. If using a supplement, it needs to contain the 9 essential amino acids in an appropriate proportion and to be eaten at the right time with the right foods to also maintain weight loss.

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