Say NO to Fad Diets!

Are you also influenced by "the" latest fad diet trend?? There's always a new "it" diet in trend - be it the popular potatoes diet or the cabbage soup diet! It is always very exciting to believe and try a simple solution to weight issues rather than opting for time tested solution, i.e. to eat healthy and exercise! The main concern here is that - is it possible to have a quick fix for the weight loss issues without the tags of "moderation" and "physical activity"? Actually, No! Fad diets aren't a long term solution and here are some benefits of going fad-free -

An Opportunity to Lose Weight with all Nutrients

The main focus of fad diets is on the elimination of key food groups, which can set you up for deficiencies in certain nutrients. Going for cabbage soup diet or gluten free diet requires you to eat the same thing for an extended period and it is obvious that one food cannot be rich in all nutrients. Whenever you plan to opt in for a fad diet you leave behind nutrients which are critical for you health like - protein, vitamins and minerals.

Instead, if you go for a healthy way to lose weight, you are likely to have balanced meals, which will not only help you in achieving the goals on a long term basis but also provide you all the nutrients that are required by your body!

Realistic and Sustainable Weight Loss

If you say no to fad diets, you will be able to focus on tested method for weight loss; Calories Balance - balancing the calories you consume with the calories you burn from exercise! This is nothing new but trust me it is the only method which has been proven by science to be helpful for realistic weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

Fad diets can actually help you in losing weight, but only for a short span of time. Fad diets do the most obvious, which is if you have only 500 calories, you are bound to lose weight! But what is the question of concern here is - how long will you be able to continue the same eating pattern? When you say no to fad diets, you can start examining your current eating habits and make a commitment to swap them for healthier ones.

Builds a healthy, happy relationship with food

Like all relationships, a healthy relationship with food takes time, and it’s never too late to start. If you say no to fad diets, it is sure that your food fears are going to die and you will be embracing a healthier relationship with food that is more inclusive. You will be free from the worries of what to eat and what not, which will ultimately result in enjoying a balanced diet most of the time without feeling guilty.

So now, its time to forgo the fantasies and actually work if you are really serious about losing weight!

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