Protein: Good For Weight Loss?

Since many years, the most loved nutrient by muscle and strength trainers is Protein, but recently it has gained popularity amongst weight watchers as well. As soon as the name of this nutrient is heard a mental image of strength and power of will is formed amongst all individuals. The basic definition of the term Protein is that it a chain of amino acid, which form the building blocks of tissues in human body. Protein plays a proactive role in building healthy bones, skin, hair, muscle, cells, and also enzymes (involved in nearly every function of the body).Regular intake of adequate protein triggers proteins synthesis and faster building of muscles because of which it is considered really essential nutrient for all athletes. Along with this, consumption of this nutrient also helps in improving the body composition, elimination of hunger and lower body fat. They also have an active role to play in aiding many health issues like sleep, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. These benefits of this super-nutrient are still unknown because of which people wonder if it safe to consume to it or will it really boost the weight loss process. We are here to solve all your questions by highlighting some of the major benefits of adequate consumption of protein-1. Reduced hunger levelsHigh-protein diets are known to help in weight loss process as they lower down the hunger levels. Proteins are really filling in nature and when consumed in adequate levels they provide high satiety value. A study has shown that if a person increases 1% of protein intake the calories consumption level lowers by 32-50 calories.2. Less belly fatVarious studies have proven that consumption of a high-quality diet with at least 10 grams of essential amino acids results in lowering down the fat around you belly. 10 gms of these acids build the threshold against fat gain as protein synthesis is initiated in the body, which ultimately results in more muscle mass, higher energy levels and greater thermic effect of food.3.Fuels fat burningIt is quite strange but is scientifically proven that your body cannot effectively burn and use fat as energy if it doesn’t have help from proteins. When you are on a weight loss regime, your body is losing both muscles and fat. At this time, it is important to increase the consumption of proteins which fuels the fat burning process and preserves calorie-burning lean muscle.4. Muscle repair & growthAfter an intense workout session, your body definitely needs a boost and that’s where proteins come in. When you are on strength training regime even then the consumption of proteins is essential as it allows your muscle to repair and grow quickly.5. Improved bone densityConsuming higher levels of proteins helps in improving the bone density and thereby reducing the risks of osteoporosis. Though there have been many misconceptions about proteins being bad for bones, but studies have proved that the amino acids present in this nutrients helps in improved bone building. Along with this, it triggers the working of IGF-1 hormone which is also a major regulator of bone metabolism.6. Faster recovery from injuriesThe accelerated protein synthesis results in faster repair of injuries and strengthening of connective tissues which reduces the risk of future injuries as well. Along with this, the higher levels of amino acid prevent muscle atrophy, which lowers down the natural recovery speed of the injury.7. Better sleepIt has bee proved over time that high-protein diets allow people to sleep better without any disturbance in comparison to any other diet. This is because this nutrient triggers the chemical transmitter of the body which keeps you energies and active throughout the day and sleepy and restful at night.8. Greater life span and better quality of lifeSome of the essential elements to boost up human life span includes physical strength, lower BP levels, muscle bones, bone health etc. When you prefer protein diets in comparison to carbs diet along with above health improvements you also tend to improve the blood sugar tolerance, insulin health, and heart diseases risk as well. Low intake of protein is a strong factor which is responsible for the death of aging people as it leads to functional decline and frailty. Animal studies have also shown that higher levels of amino acids can increase the lifespan in humans by nearly 10 years!So, now it is the right time to make this nutrient an essential intake on the daily basis. Here we have a high protein meal plan along with the list of some good source of proteins to help you make better food choices-Healthy protein meal planBreakfast: 2egg omelette made with olive oil, 1 ½ cup of chopped tomatoes, mushroom, and onion; served with 1 slice of multigrain toast.Lunch: One medium multigrain roll with 100 grams of skinless chicken and 2 bowls of vegetable salad.Snack: Veggie sticks with 2 tbsp of hummus or small low-fat fruit smoothie + protein powderDinner: 100 grams of sliced cooked lamb (150 grams raw) with 1 cup brown rice and 2 cups of stir-fry veggies.Good sources of proteinLean meatSeafoodEggsLow-fat dairy productsNuts and seedsBeans and lentilsSoy products such as tofu

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