Switch To Public Transport To Lose Weight!

It’s not surprising to believe that commuting to work by bike or on foot will surely contribute towards your weight loss goals. Though this is really effective but not the most optimum option owing to distance and time problems. Don’t worry! New studies have shown that the same theory holds true for public transport as well. People who opt for public transport no matter how much they exercise or not they are likely to weigh 5-7 pounds lesser than people who commute via cars! This is simply because public transport involves a greater level of incidental physical activity like – walking from your home to the station, standing in a busy train carriage, sprinting up down the station stairs, etc.

The related research was conducted in University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School and the University of York; over more than 4,000 individuals in a three-part survey conducted between 2004 and 2007. The results of the study indicated that people who switched to travelling via public transport after previously commuting by car lost an average of 0.32 units – equivalent to around 1 kg – from their BMI over the period. This is mainly because you consider the activities related to public transmit more as a daily chore and you don’t even notice the amount of calories you are burning which ultimately contribute in weight loss!


Some of the major ways in which inclusion of public transport in your daily life can prove helpful for weight loss are:-

1. Daily Workout

You are working out on a daily basis and that too even without noticing it. Repeating the activities on a daily basis make a deep impact on your body and weight. It has been analysed that people who commute using public transit for 30 or more minutes, have a reduction of around 2.25 BMI units, or around 7 kg (over one stone) over a period of 4-5 years.

2. Controlled Eating

If you want to travel with public transport you have to be more punctual which automatically results in the controlled and timely intake of food. Having food at the right time also plays a major role in boosting up the weight loss process. So indirectly public transit also helps you balance you food intake levels.

3. Social Support

When travelling via public transport you are likely to meet people of similar mindset which results in building up a community for social support. Social support from the community helps to increase the dedication and motivations towards weight loss goals accomplishment.

So this makes it clear that public transit not only plays an active role in contributing positively towards economic and environmental benefits but has a major health significance as well. The above findings act as a motivation for all weight watchers commuters to opt for sustainable modes of transport.

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