Burning Fat With Step Aerobics!

Did you ever try step aerobics to achieve fitness? Step aerobics refers to a high-intensity training which requires more than six times the effort of sitting. It is a highly effective workout that helps to burn fat in a fun way and hence makes your cardiovascular system strong. The best thing about it is that it does not need too many equipments – get a step and a pair of gym shoes and you are all set. The entire workout revolves around ‘stepping’ which, being a low-impact movement can be done anywhere. Though strength and other exercises also hold their importance but aerobic activities burn more calories than any other form of physical activity. Aerobic steps and benches are an excellent tools when you need that weight-loss punch!

According to Harvard Medical School, step aerobics is an effective way to burn a huge amount of calories. The rate at which you’ll burn the calories is dependent upon 3 things – your current weight, intensity of exercises and its duration. A 155-pound person will burn 260 calories during 30 minutes of low-impact step aerobics while a 185-pound person will burn 372 calories during 30 minutes of high-impact step aerobics.

Types of step aerobics

Some of the most common exercises you can do with the aerobic steps are highlighted as under:

A. Just Step

Turn your basic workout into a high-intensity one by simply stepping on and off the bench one foot and then the other, over and over again. Do this as a warm-up or a cardio interval throughout your workout. It will get your heart pumping and help you burn off extra calories.

B. Kick Steps

Start with both feet on the ground, standing behind your bench. Step onto the bench with one foot and bring your other foot off the floor and kick it forward. Come back to the starting position and alternate legs. Every time one leg steps, the other one kicks.

C. Incline Pushup

An incline pushup is a same move as the basic one but instead of starting with your hands on the floor, your hands are on your step. Still concentrate on keeping your body in a straight line as you push yourself down and back up.

D. Alternating Knee-Ups

This one is great for your abs and strengthening your core. For this one, simply lift the opposite knee as you take a step. The higher the lift, the greater the challenge and better the results. These can be done one at a time or in alternating sets.

E. V-Step Raise

This is the basic step done with the feet landing far apart on the platform. Step up with the right foot, placing it on the far right side of the platform, then bring up the left and place it on the other side of the step. Step down with the feet together. It targets different muscle groups in your legs and hips than the basic.

F. Side Step Kick Out

Start on one side of the bench with dumbbells in each hand. Step onto the bench with your lead foot and kick your other foot out to the side. Do it for 40 seconds on each side!
Benefits of step aerobics

You will be able to reap in multiple benefits if you start exercising with an aerobic step. Some of the major impacts it would make are highlighted as under:

1. Being a high-intensity workout, it burns more calories in comparison to other workouts.

2. It is the best exercise for so-called “spot reduction” which directly targets the lower body and belly.

3. It’s a sure shot way to tone your heart and limbs.

4. Leg and buttock muscles receive a great workout from this exercise technique, and will become sculpted and toned over time.

5. It also helps to build physical endurance, balance, and flexibility.

6. It is a hassle-free workout routine that can be easily customized.

Points to remember

Follow these considerations before you start with steps aerobic:

1. Warm up your arms and legs before using the step!

2. Practice aerobic step with cool down movements to get your heart rate back down.

3. Stop, if your joints start to hurt during the activity.

4. If you have a history of knee problems, avoid it.

So what are you waiting for? The bottom line is that you should incorporate the aerobic step in your workout to multiply your efforts and gain maximum output!

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