Addicted To Food? Its Time To Break Your Habit

Food addiction is a disease, which is very much similar to drug or alcohol addiction. Food addiction manifests itself in the uncontrollable cravings that one has for excessive eating and typically involves eating salty, sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods for satisfaction. This addiction basically denotes the unhealthy relationship of a person with food. It is something that a person must dedicate himself to overcome if they want to live a long and healthy life. A food addict can be easily recognized as when given the chance to eat something they have an urge for, they find it very difficult to say no!If you also feel addicted to food and are looking out for some effective solutions, here are some ways, which can really prove useful –1. Keep your hunger in checkKeep a food diary to monitor the time of day and duration of your eating. A clear check on eating habits will help in inducing portion control, resistance for favorite snacks, desserts, red meat, & substituting unhealthy food with healthier options!2. Don’t confuse thirst with hungerMany of the times, we tend to confuse our thirst with a desire to eat something. To keep such situations at bay ensure the intake of at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Plenty of water throughout the day to satisfy your hydration needs. Don’t use high-calorie sodas and high sugar fruit juices to quench your thirst.3. Working out is the keyRegular exercising helps in changing the typical way in which, your body functions. It helps in making up for some of the physiological imbalances which, might be the reason for triggering the food cravings. Also, when you tend to exercise regularly you become more conscious of what and when you are eating.4. Too much dependance on SweetsAvoiding the intake of sugar is the key to get over food addictions. Take gradual steps to remove it from your diets by targeting sauces, dressings, breads, crackers, cookies, cakes, candy and other “non-sweet” foods that contain hidden sweeteners. Eventually, your taste buds will become less responsive for sugary items thus, lowering their intake.5. Avoid the scene of crimeAvoid going to places, which serve the food options that are your weakness. Switch your regular routine and try to adopt some variations to make this work in an effective manner. For example, if pizza is what makes you crave avoid going to restaurants serving Italian cuisine. This trick will help you keep you food cravings at bay!6. Social SupportIn order to effectively work on stopping the food cravings resort to your social support network including family, friends & colleagues who will help you with controlling food cravings. Don’t hesitate to share your goals with them & request their support in your efforts!An unhealthy relationship with food can cause many problems. People can run into many physical, mental, and emotional imbalances if they are not taking steps to curb this addiction at the right time. Integrate these helpful methods in your daily lives to keep this addiction and its related problems away!

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